Letters for March 5, 2009

A large private party
In the news, Iran has the capability to make a nuclear bomb.

Umm … so?

Horrors! So does China (Remember them? They make everything you buy thanks to the fetid greed of some American CEOs?), France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

And our little club has hundreds and thousands of ’em. I suppose that’s not news anymore.

Where’s the threat here? Religious belief? If one reads history—perish the thought—devout Christians have killed more people in the name of God than any other carbon copy of “love thy neighbor as thyself” bunny-lovin’, tree-huggin’ crap on the planet.

And the only nation to ever have used nuclear weapons is not the godless Commies and those strange, scary Others around the globe, but America. I wonder what kind of impression that gives.

Yeah, it was “necessary.” More important was to use Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a proving ground to let our godless Commie allies know that, hey, we’re glad we could help you obliterate fascism in Europe, but the world is ours at the expense of your 2 million dead as opposed to our 500,000.

Screw it. No one reads. Scholars blame the medium. It’s the paper! Perfectly good for more than 5,000 years. Suddenly the physical reality is in the back of a bus in Montgomery, Ala.: Let’s put the same pseudo-info online! That will surely educate our democracy!

Nope, that’s not it.

We frankly don’t care. It’s Iran, lions, tigers and bears, as if the world is some 1923 novel with a wuss-ass deer named Bambi.

The entire world is lethal. If having nuclear weapons is so mega-bad, I still note above-said nations not exactly renouncing these costly and abjectly immoral weapons systems.

I don’t see any of them asking that question. I see them flicking a switch. In the name of what, who knows?

Oh. Wait. Oil. Does anyone know if Iran has oil?

Craig Ayres-Sevier

Too little
Re “Reid should have gotten more” (Know You’re Right, Feb. 26):

Amanda Williams has evidently not gotten this week’s Republican talking points. While she complains that Harry Reid should have gotten more for Nevada in the stimulus bill, others on the right are complaining that he’s getting too much; e.g. the mythical high-speed train from Disneyland to Las Vegas. Perhaps she is growing up to the realization that conservatives only care about the ultra-rich. Or that Republican is spelled, “I, me, mine!”

Timothy Rhodes

Racist Hollywood
The movies Gran Torino and Australia were not even nominated for an Academy Award. It’s no surprise in this land of political correctness. Clint Eastwood’s statements in the movie such as “What are you spooks doing?” when he confronted some black guys trying to rape a lighter skinned girl, guaranteed him no invitation to the awards show regardless of his performance. The movie Australia, featuring a half-aborigine, half-white boy in which he is referred to as a “creamy,” had no chance of winning because the liberals in Hollywood felt it would be a put down to Obama. Get over it!

Thank god I didn’t waste my money on Slumdog Millionaire.

Mike Arp

Power trippin’

Re “Gammick seeks order” (Upfront, Feb. 26):

The problem with a person like district attorney Dick Gammick is that he is power hungry. He is a very scary individual because he has fascist tendencies, i.e. being prosecuting attorney, judge and jury. He does not stop when a judge makes a judgment, and he can’t accept the outcome and puts pressure on the judge to make a different decision—basically overriding a decision that is made within our court system. I am referring to the time an officer was unfortunately killed on his motorcycle when he was speeding through town apparently in pursuit of a vehicle when a woman accidentally pulled out in front of this officer on a blind corner, and he broadsided her car. The woman spent time in jail waiting for trial, and the judge had said, “Time served,” but Gammick was not satisfied with the decision and had it overturned. It was a high-profile case, and basically he wanted to make a name for himself.

He is a megalomaniac. He preaches about standards, but for some reason, he seems to feel that these rules do not apply to him. Scary! He is using intimidating methods in order sweep this incident under the rug. Unfortunately, people in certain government positions are using a double standard and are not being held accountable for their actions. One step closer to fascism.

Margaret Mazolewski

Exaggeration, right?
It looks to be inevitable that the Nevada Plantation will qualify as an out-and-out police state in 2009.

The Senate Committee on Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation and the Senate have now both passed the seat belt bill—SB116—which will allow police to stop and whip you just for not wearing a seat belt. (The GPS and mileage tracking of your car will be for the next generation.)

The Senate Committee on Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation has also now passed the REAL ID compliance bill—SB52—so that all you slaves can be branded by your government. (The implanted CHIP will also be for the next generation.)

Thank your law enforcement agencies at all levels for heavy lobbying and testifying while the people slaves said hardly or not a word.

The legislators on the committee and in the senate who voted for these measures are either ignorant of what they have done to us, or else they are domestic enemy betrayers of their heritage and their own kind.

Be grateful for all the freedoms and good times you once enjoyed because from now on we will all have to work harder to pay and obey our masters.

Stanley Waugh

Credit’s screwed
Re “You’re Screwed” (Feature story, Feb. 26):

Finally, someone took the time to spell it all out in black and white. I only wish the article had been written two years ago. I am one of those homeowners whose short sale package ended up in the tall pile never to be reviewed by the right person. In the end, we lost the buyers, our home and our credit. I can’t help but wonder if this could’ve been avoided if we had used a “short sale expert.” I look forward to more articles that shed light on the grim realities of the housing market. Maybe the next article could be written by a credit-repair expert for those of us with post-foreclosure credit and mounting credit card debts?

Amber D. Holm