Letters for March 28, 2013

Something to think about

Re “Think. Then think again.” (Guest comment, March 21):

Let’s see. Why would the Wall Street Journal think highly of Diane Ravitch? Perhaps because her voice serves their purposes. And what might those be? Read their opinion pages, and you will find that this Murdoch rag is very right of center and, of course, the paper has always taken on strongly the business point of view. Both Ravitch and this paper supported very strongly No Child Left Behind, and Ravich spends a lot of her time defending schools as they currently exist. Why? Because, despite her newly discovered adversity to the program she vociferously supported and, I imagine, with her good friend Chester Finn, greatly influenced, she continues to push for a school system that is going to keep students from becoming capable of informed and sensible critique of the society in which they live, a society that very much works to benefit the kind of people Ravitch and Finn like, the rich and powerful, even if the society eats its young to feed those already overfed.

Read her blog and tell me how it is that she is so well respected when most of what she says has to do with the goodness of public schools and their teachers. Yes, she goes after the bureaucrats who are hassling teachers—good for her—but she then fails to make the case against the kind of education those teachers are delivering. The more I read her, the more I try to figure her out, the more I come to believe that she is using her anti-NCLB, anti-testing, anti-bad teacher evaluation protocol arguments as a way to maintain schools that serve the same purposes she cared to have them serve when she was pro-NCLB. As for the good of school boards old and new, if what they have done and continue to do is the best that they can do, then we need a better way to decide who is allowed to become a decision maker.

Stephen Lafer


Editor’s note: “The society eats its young to feed those already overfed.” Well said.

Whitney Houston is dead?

Is there any limit as to the lack of scrutiny which Sen. Harry Reid receives regardless of his shameless behavior? Reid tried to link the tragic death of seven Marines and the injury of seven to the sequester! Apparently Obama was more concerned with the death of drug abusing Whitney Houston than those dead Marines. I don’t think the flags in Washington, D.C., were flown half mast for our unfortunate Marines.

Reid has amassed tremendous wealth through his office. His false claims about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes would indicate that Reid is either mentally challenged or a compulsive, lying SOB.

Joseph DuPont

Towanda, Penn.

Keep it home grown

For five years, Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of NV has been the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Meet up Group. We have recently gone non-profit in Nevada and are in the process of doing the same at a federal level.

As you are aware, things are heating up on the cannabis issues. We as a patient advocacy group are primarily concerned with the issues regarding medical cannabis patients needs, potential business opportunities, job opportunities, and rights.

Nevada residents/patients have the right to participate in green jobs and small-business opportunities that will be available once these programs are in place. If the fees related to the cannabis industry are outrageous, and there is no two years or more Nevada residency for owners/operator/distributors in place, big business from outside Nevada will take over, and the benefits/money will leave Nevada. We need the jobs and taxes for Nevada residents and education.

Medical patients who are over their limits at harvest should be allowed to sell this quality tested excess medicine to licensed dispensaries for compensation. This will financially help patients who are unable to work, and they can stay within the limits set by the new bill by selling the excess to licensed dispensaries operated by licensed and educated staff.

We need to keep profits in Nevada!

We have sent emails to every legislator asking them to consider these issues when they are discussing and putting in place the new rules for us.

Thank you for your time and coverage of this all important issue!

Please call at any time, we have advocates willing and eager to do interviews to help educate the public. See www.wecan702.org.

Vicki Higgins

Las Vegas

No, you!

Re “Those Flaming Dogs” (Letters to the Editor, March 21):

Those smelly ass dogs are the same ones that our local police use to protect and serve. The same ones used for therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes. The same ones that accompany our soldiers in war. The same ones that were used to locate the buried bodies in the rubble of 9-11. So, no, you get over it!

Kandy Hilton


Teens need a safe place

Re “The Teen Issue” (Feature story, March 21):

Beautiful, authentic contributions here. Kudos to the teachers who have created a safe environment where young people can gain skills and process their life learning. This foundation will stay with them. Reno needs places where young people can focus on other aspects of education. Not all students are in football or clubs, etc., yet all students need places where they can evolve on their own path. Thank you for sharing with us.

Dixi Dougherty

Incline Village

Bath assaults

Setting aside for the moment the smarminess of Sen. Harry Reid’s remarks about the tragic Marine Corps training accident in Hawthorne, I find his position on sequestration a little confusing.

Harry Reid doesn’t like the president’s budget sequestration scheme. But he doesn’t seem to mind the administration’s sequestration of the Benghazi survivors. Wouldn’t it be helpful to hear from those individuals what really happened in Benghazi? Where are they?

Back to the Marine tragedy. Sen. Reid, after hearing your comments, I needed a bath.

Robert R. Kessler

Las Vegas, NV

Left write

I wrote Sen. Dean Heller a letter recently. You should, too. I asked him not to be an obstructionist, and to please put our country before his party.

And I said a lot of us are politely pissed that the Congress is not acting on the president’s agenda. We did, after all, elect Obama and his agenda with a good majority.

I think Sen. Heller’s considering his political future and is making a slight turn towards the middle. No proof, just a suspicion. Sadly, the “middle” in our country is moderate right wing. And the left, is, well … maybe center at best. (Note, Reno has no Progressive talk radio AM—there is no far left here.)

Please do write our senator, and urge him to not let the corporate interests confiscate vital government functions.

Privatization breeds only profit for a wealthier few, and as I absurdly say, you can vote out a government, not a corporation.

If we let them sell our country to the highest corporate bidder, we’ll all take it in the shorts. Trust me on this.

Our government is supposed to protect us from carnivorous capitalism, not opt-out to them.

Say no to privatization of vital services.

Here’s his email, please take the time to fill in/out the boxes: www.heller.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact-form

Counting on you.

Craig Bergland