Letters for March 27, 2003

Value education over Play Stations
Re “Consumers will pay” [RN&R, Letters, Feb. 27]:

I knew we had it bad here in Nevada but I didn’t realize how bad until I attended the Parent’s Legislative Summit. The governor’s new budget commits a large percentage of new taxes to education. In the last two years, the school district has had to cut $12 million from their budget, and without new taxes, it’s looking at $20 million. So what if we as consumers pay? So what if businesses pay? These are our children. They are future employees, leaders and parents. The proposed new taxes are minimal compared to the cost without them. For some of you, the additional taxes will be less money than the clothing, shoes, toys and video game systems you have already paid for. What is more important to you? How your children look or who they will be?

I want Nevada to be great. I want to support my child, your child, your grandchild, nephews, nieces and friends. If I have to pay a little more to do that, then so be it!

Michelle Beck

Shock and burn
Presidential and military rhetoric employ “shock and awe” tactics. Shock and awe? Yes, since over half of Baghdad’s population is children, these are apt words to describe their reactions when our missiles rain down upon them. Shortly thereafter, comes the “horror and disbelief,” as they experience being burned alive or having their appendages torn from them. The terms “censored and sanitized” describe the way the Pentagon and our corporately “leashed and neutered” mass media will pass along images and accounts of the carnage. “Unprovoked and illegal” are the terms used to describe wars that are not waged in response to direct attack. “Hidden and safe” are where the puppet masters who engineered this slaughter will be.

David Singelyn
via e-mail

Take my money
Re “Nevada faces a turning point” [RN&R, Cover, Feb. 27]:

As a property owner in Nevada, I want Nevada to pull itself out of the educational quagmire. We need to pay more taxes, i.e. property, sales and, yes, possibly even an income tax, to fund our schools! As a college graduate and parent, I want this budget process to cover our state’s educational needs. Businesses refuse to locate in Nevada because of our poor focus on education and our inability to provide the social services their employees require and expect. An enlightened Nevada will awaken to the consequences of underfunding this most precious gift to our state’s future.

Barbara Ganschow

The real thing
Thanks for responding to our press release. As far as advertising goes, what we’ve done in the past is had the magazine or newspaper publish a review or article on the kits, and then we are able to tell by the response to that article if an ad would work. In Penthouse, for instance, they did a great review, and we ended up placing an ad with them for like six months.

Check out our website and let me know what you think. As you’ll see, we’ve been in a lot of national publications. Let me know if your editor is interested.

Thanks again for your time!

name withheld
via e-mail

French revenge
France prevented the United States from getting a second resolution against Iraq, which is leading to more France bashing. What’s Congress going to do now, change champagne to “freedom bubbles?”

So, why did France block United States’ attempts to obtain the second resolution? Let me explain by using my own made-up story: American, British and French veterans of the Persian Gulf War and their families met. They were talking about the war when their children asked, “What did you do in the war, Daddy?”

The American said, “I was a fighter pilot and drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait.”

The British vet said, “I was a tank commander and cut off the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait and captured thousands of POWs.”

They turned to the French vet and after a pause he said, “Powell and Cheney sent us out into the desert and we waited until the fighting was over.”

The French sent thousands of troops to Iraq, supported George Bush, and all they got was a view of Iraqi sand dunes and none of the “glories of war.” I remember the postwar press conferences, and when the French reporters asked why their army was kept out of the fighting, Powell and Schwarzkopf practically dismissed them.

Now it’s payback time.

Dewey Quong