Letters for March 26, 2009

Goodbye, Charles

Well, let’s hope that San Bernardino has no historical buildings still standing. Or that they need an upgraded semi-underground community-disrupting train trench.

Consider that we’ve spent waaaaaaay too much money on a temporary fire station whilst a prior previously-used station was available on the northeast side of the Wells overpass (where the Volkswagen spider art piece once resided) in almost turnkey condition.

It blows me away that our too-long-termed city manager has made more money and had a larger staff than our state governor.


Good luck Charles, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

“Free at last, thank God Almighty, we’re free at last.”

Whew, knock on wood.

Craig Bergland

Burn the straw man

Re “Fear of a growing government” (Know You’re Right, March 19):

While I’ve enjoyed the validation of seeing a regular and reliable stream of criticisms for Amanda Williams’ columns, it feels as if RN&R readers and Williams alike have reached a point at which they deserve something more than the argumentative straw-man her column provides.

Can her writing be anything but? I refuse to believe she’s the vapid, intellectually stunted political newt suggested by the constant stream of drivel appearing under her name. If her column really is the product of extended hand-wringing, brow-furrowing effort on her part, then UNR’s College Republicans deserve better. They deserve a stronger, more informed, more mature, well-researched, and thoughtful voice.

RN&R readers from all sides deserve this, too. They’re intelligent, with a genuine interest in engaging in the issues. This sentiment is expressed by a previous commenter who stated, basically, “I’m a liberal, and I miss Mike Lafferty.” Why would someone say such a thing? Because however tactless and inflammatory Lafferty may have been, he always had a good point. Lafferty’s was not an easy row to hoe, but he had the intelligence, experience, and insight to offer worthwhile challenges to the many sacred cows cultivated by many of this publication’s readership. Alas, if Ms. Williams is as intellectually vacant as her column consistently suggests, I’m not sure she could even make sense of that last sentence. So I’ll put this in simpler terms: If I could write like Ms. Williams, I wouldn’t.

Please RN&R, give your readers something that does credit to the integrity of the difficult issues we’re facing—it’s an insult to liberals and conservatives alike to offer hers as the regular example of the right-wing perspective.

Al Gato

Jane says

Re “A Rush of optimism” and “Classic Rush, without Neil Pert” (Know You’re Right and Left in the Lurch, March 12):

It was good to see Cory Farley and Amanda Williams go head to head on the same subject, Rush Limbaugh. The only thing I would have changed is to put Know You’re Right before Left In The Lurch and then have Cory Farley preface his piece with, “Jane, you ignorant slut.”

Seriously, she harps at liberals for not accepting that there are winners and losers. Classic projection.

Amii Lockhart
via email

More to come

Re “The Future Golden Age of Journalism” (Feature story, Feb. 19):

D. Brian Burghart’s article about “The Future Golden Age of Journalism” was, without question, thoughtful and included good ideas. This was, in my opinion, one of the best of Burghart’s published pieces.

Also, I appreciated the candor with which his DUI was revealed and treated a few months ago.

Keep up the good work, and do your best to get Amanda’s column off of the elementary school playground.

John H. Rose
via email

Will work for access

Re “Open books” (Editorial, March 12):

Yes, the library has free Internet access that is very helpful to those looking for a job. The free Internet access would be even more helpful if there were not those who use the Internet terminals to check on celebrity gossip and/or pictures of nude/near nude women.

However, one of the great benefits that the job seeker can find in the library are books with titles such as, ‘How To Write A Resume,’ ‘How To Write A Job Seeker Cover Letter’ and ‘How To Prepare For A Job Interview.’ The librarians can help the job seeker find the kind of books referenced. Not only do the books prepare the job seeker to find a job, but they also prepare the job seeker for an important author event; writing the rent check.

Keep the libraries open and at full strength! The apartment you save may be your own.

AJ Bima
via e-mail


Re “Reforming dating” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, March 12):

I have laughed my ass off reading your column before … but none so much as this one! Copied and sent it to my wife! Even joined your BLOOOG! First time for that! Someone understands me! LOL! Thanks BVD!

Steven Smith

Numbers games

Re “Fear of a growing government” (Know You’re Right, March 19):

I like the, “The Dow Jones dropped almost 20 percent since Geithner announced the Obama administration’s economic plans on Feb. 10, as reported by Fox News.” Isn’t that kinda the same thing as saying it’s not true?

Interestingly, from Feb. 10 to the writing of this article (published on March 19) the Dow has fallen 6.18 percent. I wonder how the rest of her math is or why she didn’t bother to just look it up herself.

Kevin Cotton
Louisville, Ky.

Short take

Re “You’re screwed” (Feature story, Feb. 26):

I wanted to tell you that I’ve read a couple of articles you’ve written regarding real estate issues, and they’re so inaccurate. I don’t know where you get your information, but they are b.s.-ing you!

Did you know that Keller Williams Group One developed the short sale/zip form that every real estate agent uses in Northern Nevada (at least). The agents go through training before they are allowed to do a short sale. Every one of those agents is a “specialist.”

It almost angers me for you to say that there’s only one person that’s qualified to do it. (Is that person your friend?) Hmmmmm. Please do a better job on separating facts and fiction!

Taunee Perry, Realtor
Keller Williams Group One