Letters for March 2, 2017

Holland buses

Re “Buses taking ‘locals’ to Tesla” (Erik Holland cartoon, Feb. 16):

I was a little surprised that you would publish Erik Holland’s cartoon depicting buses full of, what I assume are, based upon his fake Asian characters in the speech bubbles, Asian immigrants. Although I believe in free speech, to publish such a cartoon without empirical substantiation is questionable.

This cartoon propagates a notion that is based upon his own observations or beliefs. If it is based upon empirical evidence, it should be stated somewhere. However, if it is not, as a source of news and information, you are promoting “alternative facts” and xenophobia. This is a problem, as people that are uneducated or uniformed may assume the cartoon to be conveying “truth.”

Just because the artist is a famous local, does not mean that his opinions should not be based upon reality.

Eric Lin


Re “Buses taking ’locals’ to Tesla” (Erik Holland cartoon, Feb. 16):

To whom it may concern, RN&R’s most recent edition had an image created by artist Erik Holland that I found quite offensive. The political cartoon showed a bus taking “local” workers to Tesla, and the text was an abhorrent attempt at writing Chinese characters.

I work at two different Chinese restaurants part time while at the University of Nevada, Reno studying for my masters. Having such contact with the Chinese community in Reno, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the workers through my work that actually have been hired by Tesla. I do not know a single one that is not an American citizen. I find Erik’s picture xenophobic, ignorant, and uninformed. I see no point in ostracizing a part of our community in such a way, and think that it is unfortunate that such dialogue has been included in what otherwise is a journal quite aware of the diversity we have in our community.

Although I understand that Erik is absolutely entitled to his opinions, I felt that I must voice my disapproval at what I consider an absolutely racist cartoon.

Sean Bryant



Re “Inclusion and tolerance” (letters, Feb. 9):

This is in regard to Ryan Budman’s letter. I don’t have a problem with legal immigration to our country. What I do have a problem with is illegal immigration to our country. I have issues with a person who comes over illegally and then demands services and benefits that I would never be able to receive because I would be told I make too much money. I have an issue with someone who comes to our country but refuses to learn English and then demands that I learn Spanish or their native language. And no one has a right to come into our country. It is a privilege. But like the writer of the letter I am commenting on, it seems they lump all immigration in to one big pot.

Again, I have no problem with someone who wants to come to this country legally and then works hard to learn our language and way of life. I do have issues with illegal immigration.

Robert Henri



Re: “Core values” (Musicbeat, Feb. 23):

The article incorrectly stated that Alton Sterling was killed by the New Orleans police department. It was the Baton Rouge police department. In addition, Fall Silent broke up in 2003, not 2007.