Letters for March 1, 2018

Thanks for the review

How is it that the very sight of him brings on a nearly instantaneous gag reflex? Is it merely the orange face, the whacky yellow hair-hat, the perpetual scowl, and the overall bloated exterior that prompts our unfortunate physical response, or is it something else, something possibly far beyond his disturbing outer visage?

To be honest, folks, there are simply too many gagworthy Trumpisms to hash over at any great length, so let’s get right to an all-inclusive lightning round, shall we?! WARNING: The following is not for the squeamish!

Let’s begin with his notably biased eye towards those not quite as orange as himself, or, let’s just say, his obvious preference for Norwegians as opposed to Haitians! Or how about the porn star hush money, and maybe his “when you’re a star you can do anything” pussy grabbin’, or more generally put, his overall misogynistic predilections?! Or could it be his over-the-top erratic persona, or more aptly his verifiable psychopathological proclivities?! How about the constant money-wasting, campaign-style pandering to his low-end, neo-Nazi, white male base?! Or perhaps it’s his decided overdosing on Fox News in order to quench his unquenchable ego-maniacal thirst?! Or is it his deal faker, deal breaker, anything but deal maker propensity?! Or might it be his stunning ineptness to sway even his own majority Senate and House to convince them to pass virtually anything truly needed or substantive?! Or perchance is it his utter ignorance of international diplomacy, and the consequent reducing of our “greatest country” to a worldwide laughing stock, or maybe his obsession with the giant, never-to-be-built phallic symbol he so lovingly refers to as “the wall,” or his not even remotely believable chronic lying about essentially everything, or his chillingly cavalier attitude towards matters such as his unrevealed taxes, the opioid crisis, global warming, paying no mind to his “intelligence” experts, his cluelessness as to the rule of law, his collusion with Russia, his fondness for obstructing justice, his juvenile Twitter tantrums, his perception of any negative news cast his way as “fake,” his yearning to be a dictator, a deity, and on and on and on?!

OK, tired of gagging??? Can’t blame you, but to be brutally honest, your next gaggable Trumpian moment will more than likely occur within the next, say, 10 minutes! Sorry! Have a nice day!

Mark Murray


The dear leader

Marching in formation in dress uniform and carrying weapons for several miles on hot asphalt in Washington D.C. in July with the temperatures into the 80s and the humidity into the 60s?

Trump calls it honoring the troops. It sounds more like punishment.

Dewey Quong


What Van Dyke guy?

I enjoy your magazine. Although there is an obvious liberal slant, it generally offers views for conservative minds as well, with facts and substance representing both sides. Thank you for what you do.

Except this Van Dyke guy!!! Constant name calling, profanity and a serious rage against what he apparently has deemed “the enemy” is not educational, not thought provoking, nor is it providing anything other than negativity to anyone who unfortunately stumbles on his venom spewing rants placed in the back, on the bottom (and for a good reason). If you insist on printing the bile and disrespect he spews on his keyboard, then at least offer a counter point of wacko right wing hatefest to round out the force.

That way they can cancel each other out with their narrow hateful minds, and those of us who want to read facts, not emotionally-based attacks, can move in a positive direction, with respect for opposing views and an open mind to glean the jewels of wisdom that an opposing viewpoint can offer us in the quest to learn, to grow, and to nurture our county to not only a powerful and mighty position in this world, but to be an economic force that can bring help and hope to other peoples and other countries as well.

P.S. Before I get attacked for being whatever hateful mean name he calls Trump admirers, no, I didn’t vote for him. So there, spare me the burning at the stake, Bruce.

Faith Anne Walker