Letters for March 1, 2001

Don’t deny death as deterrent

Re “Nevada’s Death Debate” (RN&R, Feb. 1):

The fact that Grant Stitt is the chair of the criminal justice department at UNR doesn’t make him an expert on anything. “The evidence is in.” What does that mean? I pay this half-wit’s salary. “That argument doesn’t work.” Professor Stitt doesn’t work; he is the simpleton. This is why he works for the state.

Is it really possible that you believe the death penalty is not a deterrent? If so, you are unbelievably naive. I’ve read from FBI statistics that blacks commit 67 percent of the murders in this country. They embody 12 percent of the population. You do the math. Why are you so obsessed with covering up for them? I’ve never seen your paper address this type of issue. Is it too real for you? Why don’t you do some real research yourself instead of quoting Professor Stitt Twit. The truth doesn’t hurt anybody; don’t be afraid of it.

Guinn just gave the state employees a raise because they supported him in the election. That’s bribery and kickback, all with my money. We must have some decent journalism. It is our only defense.

You know we will never get it from the Reno Gazette-Journal. My political orientation is Libertarian. Embrace the truth; the truth will set all of us free, black and white and all others.

John Henry
via e-mail

Grimm: He’s right

Re “Lovers and Fighters” (RN&R Film, Jan. 25):

It was refreshing to read Bob Grimm’s review of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I absolutely agree with all of your comments, and I hope the review will help open the minds of moviegoers of all ages to see a foreign film such as this. It was a nice change to hear such fine dialogue in a language other than English, and it was especially enjoyable to watch martial arts scenes that depict the true art of the sport.

Let’s hope this movie has paved the way for more classy foreign films to appear in Reno.

Cheri Simpson
via e-mail

Grimm: He’s odd

Re “Lovers and Fighters” (RN&R Film, Jan. 25):

Your somewhat odd movie critic, Bob Grimm, disappointed me with his drubbing of a perfectly serviceable Sandra Bullock vehicle, Miss Congeniality, a film which might inspire a lackluster look on a box of popcorn, but wasn’t so bad as to stomp the life out of it. On the other hand, his enthusiasm for Traffic matched mine exactly. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt in his appraisal of the new martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Looking for stunts and special effects that were “jaw-dropping” and “amazing,” I instead found a cast of presumably embarrassed Asian actors flying around on wires in the most laughably contrived and phony-looking chase-and-confrontation sequences ever to be represented as entertainment.

The swordfights were interesting, or would have been, had I been able to muster any concern over who won or lost. But between questionable subtitle translation and the director’s obvious employment of a Chow Yun-Fat cardboard cutout in many of the scenes, I found myself settling into my seat, resting my head on my shoulder, like one does when one’s flight departure is still hours off.

Bruce Lee had personality and a technique that was pure poetry; like Mohammed Ali, it transcended his craft and made him accessible to millions. And anyone who has seen one Jackie Chan movie, or part of one, or even seen him interviewed on TV, has been treated to more amazing entertainment than you could squeeze out of this film with a two-ton weight.

Greg Hall

Grimm: I want his job

Although I find the Reno News & Review a very entertaining and informative newspaper, I feel that something needs to be done regarding the movie review section. I find that all the “testosterone flicks” are always given an “excellent” or “very good” rating, while the other movies that relate to females or are otherwise known as “chick flicks” are always given a “poor” or “fair” rating. Now, this may be the case with some movies, but not always the case.

What I feel that needs to be done with this section of your newspaper is that there should be a review of all movies from a man’s point of view and also from a women’s point of view. Being that I am a movie connoisseur, I am willing to do this job for you … for free! All I ask is that there be a movie allowance to include popcorn!

Vania Baker
via e-mail

Grimm: He needs a promotion

Re “No Props for Bob Grimm” (RN&R Letters, Feb. 1):

To borrow from Mr. Tom Schreck: Why hasn’t Bob Grimm been promoted yet? He is quite possibly the best movie critic of all time. He wouldn’t know how to write a baseless review if he was forced at gunpoint. Which good movies are on his “fair” and “poor” lists for 2000? Reno is a town with many good things, and Bob Grimm is certainly one of the best, in my opinion, of course.

On a different topic: Seriously, what are we supposed to do without KTHX? I think it was Yeats who said: “Tis a pity to lack outright a gratifying pursuit, but less so than to suffer its loss once discovered.”

M. Benson

Grimm: Don’t be a schmuck

Re “No Props for Bob Grimm” (RN&R Letters, Feb. 1):

I’d like to comment on several published letters asking that you fire film critic Bob Grimm.

I happen to think that Bob Grimm is a very good critic, and in my opinion, he’s right on the money most of the time. On his recommendation, I went to check out The Thin Red Line, and I consider it one of the best films I know of. Later, I found out that even Martin Scorsese himself picked it as one of the 10 best movies of the 1990s. So remember, Mr. Grimm: You’re probably being criticized by people who move their lips while reading the National Enquirer.

However, I do have one problem: How can you seriously say that you like Adam Sandler movies? What can you possibly like about a talentless schmuck acting like a retard? Come on, man, don’t promote garbage.

Michael Stancl
via e-mail

Grimm: He’s ‘Bobby Boy'?

Re “No Props for Bob Grimm” (RN&R Letters, Feb. 1):

Why should Bob Grimm be fired? He is a great movie reviewer who always gets a laugh from me. Even if he rates a movie as “fair” or even “poor,” he points out where the movie tried to be intriguing.

If you don’t like his reviews (which Mr. Tom Schreck obviously does not), watch all the ones he hates and avoid all the ones he likes. Besides, you most likely convince yourself that “fair” movies are “great” because you forked out eight bucks to see it!

Bobby Boy gets paid to watch movies. If he says a movie is crap, it’s probably crap!

Kristin Harris

Vote for me!

My name is Gene Newhall, and I am running for the Ward 3 council seat in Sparks. I was born and raised here and graduated from Sparks High School in 1977. I am the third generation of my family to live in the Sparks area.

I am going to try to find out why the city always has plenty of money until election time. Then they throw a fit when the voters tell them no new taxes!

Next, I do not support giving people bonuses or raises for doing their job; if elected, I will give back 10 percent of my salary to the city funds, and I will encourage the other council members to do the same.

One idea I have to raise money for the city is to have a Sparks-only license plate in maroon and gold colors with the design of a steam engine on it. Funds from sale of the plates would go to the city. I also want to see about giving extra time to the general public for their comments at all city meetings and moving the council meetings to later at night so everyone has a chance to come and voice their ideas, no matter what!

The City Council is supposed to represent the voters, not the other way around. At this time, I have no money coming in from anyone, so if anyone wants to help me, I could use the backing and any ideas and suggestions. Please write me at P.O. Box 5418, Sparks, Nev., 89432.

Gene Newhall


In “Going Back in Time” (RN&R Health, Feb. 15), the session at the Reverse Aging Club by Diane Underwood was referred to as “treatment.” The word “treatment” should not have been used, because Underwood is not a doctor. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.