Letters for June 7, 2001

Why we love the RN&R

Re “Being Frank” (RN&R Editor’s Note, April 26) and “Decision Delays” (RN&R Editor’s Note, May 3):

Boegle, you’re back! For too many recent editions, I was afraid you had lost your taste for truth. Your last two editorials show why we rush to get the RN&R.

I sometimes think Frank Partlow considers Reno as his last duty station. One needs to remember that his history is in a [military] world where he was allowed to shout, “That’s an order, soldier!” He can’t seem to accept the fact that citizens don’t salute. It appears the only truth acceptable to Partlow is his truth. I guess independent thinking by anyone opposing what he is promoting is considered hate mail.

He doesn’t need an attitude adjustment. He needs a reality check. The real rub is the respect shown to him by several governing bodies. Often, the common Reno resident is treated as disrupting the process of governing boards during public comment, but Partlow and Dave Howard of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce get the stroking they crave when they appear front and center.

As for Sherrie Doyle, don’t get me started.

Judith R. Snell

Get a clunker with good gas mileage

Re “Get on the Bus, Gus” (RN&R Notes From the Neon Babylon, May 17):

When I started reading Bruce Van Dyke’s recent column about riding the bus, I seriously considered it. But when I did the math, I changed my mind.

I drive 10 miles to work each way, 100 miles a week. My car gets about an average of 28 miles per gallon (23 city/32 highway). My drive to work is a straight shot down U.S. 395. I currently pay about $1.75 a gallon for gas. That’s $6.25 a week, $25 a month. Riding the bus would cost me almost TWICE as much as I pay now. Even if gas prices get to $3 a gallon, I’d still be paying more to ride the bus to work each week. For right now, I’m keeping my daily drive solo and braving the traffic on 395. Yes, I agree, riding the bus is one less car on the road causing pollution, and I have to pay for those more frequent tune-ups and maintenance on my car, but …

All I can say to those who are really worried about rising gas prices and have phobias about buses is to dump your gas-hog and get a car that gets decent gas mileage. Keep the all-terrain grocery getter for weekend getaways at the lake. A used Honda for the daily drive will make up for the extra cost in gas savings before you know it.

J. Bailey

Liberals have self-hatred issues

Re “Media Fails on Facts” (RN&R Guest Comment, May 17):

Ira Hansen’s column on the liberal double standard was great, but doesn’t it make you wonder why liberals behave that way?

I believe that liberals are driven by guilt and self-hatred, because it’s the only explanation I can see for the way they always have double standards and always set these standards up so their own race or country gets the dirty end. If any liberals disagree, I’d like their explanation for that phenomenon.

Bill Hamma

Humans are fearful creatures

Re “Sex Objects No More” (RN&R Guest Comment, April 26):

Men and women truly are not that far apart emotionally. We all have the same basic human needs, the most important being love, respect, acceptance, validation and a sense of community. It’s really very simple, and why we make things so complicated is beyond me. I think the reason that some people need to reduce relationships between men and women to the status of business deals is because of another fundamental human emotion: fear.

Hilda Gustafson
via e-mail

RN&R joins the 2000s

Re “On the Web” (RN&R Editor’s Note, May 10):

Welcome to the 21st century, Jimmy [with the launch of newsreview.com]. It’s nice to see you finally made it.

James Kadokan