Letters for June 5, 2014

Believe us, who else?

Re “Why give up a good story?” (Upfront, May 1):

Ah, but what shall we believe? In my personal opinion, Harry Reid has the hand of the press, and I find it hard to believe the propaganda that is fed to us by the Democratic supporting press.

Christine Cederwood


It’s all modified

Re “The organic food lie” (Feature story, Feb. 13):

In my opinion, it is necessary to genetically modify many of the fruits and vegetables we eat today. Along with the debate on the growing population and the need for more food and larger portions, much of the food you believe to be organic has already been modified. Have you ever gone to your local organic market or a Whole Foods and thought the corn you were serving with dinner was a healthy, organic portion for your family? Healthy: yes; non-modified organic: no. Corn wouldn’t exist today without the genetic modification of maize. A large portion of crops would die without stress modifications, or modifications made for security against pests. These modifications aren’t designed to harm us; they’re designed to aide the prosperity of the crops and the prosperity of our ever-growing population.

Taylor Seghesio


A question for Heller and Sandoval

Re “Bundy’s example” (Feature story, May 1):

Regarding the recent comments from Gov. Brian Sandoval and U.S. Senator Dean Heller and their support (and now non-support) of Cliven Bundy. The law enforcement officials who confronted Bundy are employees of the federal and state governments. As elected officials, Sandoval and Heller are the government. The law enforcement personnel are their employees. They supported the militia when they pointed their assault weapons from behind barricades at their employees. Isn’t that the same as supporting/cheering on armed gunmen as they as they enter your place of business or school?

Dewey Quong


It’s the feds

Re “A bunker mentality” (Feature story, May 1):

The Land Management Bureau acted illegally, more like an army, when the U.S. code designates that it use local law enforcement to enforce laws. The militias were there to try to avoid another Waco or Ruby Ridge slaughter, which they did. Militia members openly said they would not shoot first but would return fire if fired upon. Rancher Bundy’s recent archaic social commentary is a side issue to this.

Ernest Serano


It’s the media

Re “A bunker mentality” (Feature story, May 1):

Gotta say, these trashy Hasbro-troll style attacks on Cliven Bundy are truly the height of yellow journalism. What really galls me is that they’re coming from a publication that attempts to peddle its image as that of a non-mainstream news source. Truly amazing, the speed with which Reid can marshal his lackeys. Sheila Leslie is right about one thing (a stunning anomaly for her): There is indeed an armed revolt in this country’s future. But it won’t be on account of a female militia member getting killed.

This has been brewing for some time, fed from both sides of the aisle. The people have been gradually waking up to the realization that neither party is worth a pinch of owl shit, and they’re fed up. The Phony Left vs. Right paradigm no longer serves to divide the citizenry; their guns are well oiled; the rounds have been stockpiled. It’s on. And the guys operating the military equipment—the tanks and planes—with whom do you think they’ll choose to stand? Their families and loved ones or the chickenhawks who send them overseas to kill brown people? If I were one of the self-serving politicians who’ve been selling our nation out to foreign powers and destroying the Constitution, I’d be a little worried about being strung up from the Capitol Rotunda. So be sure to get your shekels up front for your propagandizing, as it might become problematic to collect later on. Just sayin’. And welcome to the mainstream media.

Robert Orlin Franklin Johnson

Sun Valley

Not a drop to drink

Re “A bunker mentality” (Feature story, May 1):

This is more about water than cattle. The corporations who hold our politicians’ leashes weave a tangled web of deception, using the media to pit the left against the right. Remember those third world countries that were contaminated destroying environments and making citizens sick or killing them. Well that’s us now, our public lands and our residence. After the gold rush in the mid-1800s, mercury is still present in our waters. Then our government contaminated 1.6 trillion gallons of water, exposing Nevadans to high levels of radiation. Next there is the second wave of miners wasting 100 million gallons of water each year and releasing 20,215 parts of mercury into our air. By the way, these are foreign multinationals enjoying windfall profits with little taxation. Now the fracking comes to our state with more contamination and water waste to come. If you say it’s for the national reserve, why did they build the Ruby Pipeline that goes to docks into Oregon for transport overseas? I think Nevada has given enough to our country! As the BLM gives out mining and energy leases like candy with little or no oversight by an underfunded, corrupt, criminally non-functional EPA. This is all in state that has declared parts of Nevada a national disaster zone due to prolonged drought. How is that Gulf Cleanup going with BP in charge on their own mess? Maybe the citizens of Virginia will get comfort from their poisonous tanks knowing that the corporation that poisoned them went bankrupt, but cancer does not care. If you care about yourself, your children, water, cattle, wildlife, hunting, farming, fishing or Nevada you will stand and fight together. Corporations are bound by law to support their stockholders no matter what the cost, but the game is rigged in their favor by our politicians. The bell rings on wall street, they’re having a party, and you’re not invited.

Roberta Moose


Pick your own candidates

Re “The times they aren’t a’changin’” (Editor’s note, May 8):

I agree business affiliations and service club memberships do not make a good mayor for the people. Endorsements from other politicians are even worse. I have been in Reno over 25 years and have seen them come and go. We are living in 2014 and our local government leaders both present and some of the future hopefuls are still in the mindset of the 1980s. It is time to carefully research who the candidates are and their platforms and issues important to them, and see that they are for the people of this city and not some perk they might get down the road.

Arthur Mason