Letters for June 3, 2004

Shafted reviewer
Re “Gas first, then food,” (RN&R, Food Finds, May 27):

Ah food critics: You can’t live with them, can’t stuff them down an abandoned mine shaft. That was what I felt like doing after reading Brad Bynum’s review of Deli Towne. A wave of spirituality swept over me, though, and I decided that would be unproductive. I know food reviews are a subjective thing, but Brad was completely off the mark when he said he was “disheartened to note what might have been questionable health practices.”

One of these so called “questionable health practices” was that employees were smoking after preparing their sandwiches. Is there a part of the health code that forbids food preparers from smoking, Brad? If it was done while they prepared your sandwich, then I would agree with you, but if they go outside to smoke on a break or even if it is in the “designated smoking area” then that is none of your business!

I have been going to Deli Towne since it opened, and their employees are beyond excellent when it comes to proper food handling. The reason I go to Deli Towne is because their sandwiches are the best and they always adhere to health guidelines. As far as “attitudinal employees” go, you are just wrong Brad. They have always treated me, and other customers, with the utmost care and good sense of humor. Get real. I fear that you suffer from “California-itus.” It is a rather disabling condition that makes an individual a whiny, self-righteous prick who is never satisfied and who thinks they have the right to force other individuals into conforming to their ridiculous standards. Deli Towne beats every sandwich shop in all of the Reno-Sparks area hands down. I forgive you, though, because you are suffering from a very serious malady, and you will recover hopefully and become a better and more open-minded human being.

Tom Santurri

Gas through the nose
While people across the country are paying through the nose to put gas in their cars, and the cost of food and other merchandise climbs through the roof, one would think that George Bush would be trying to do something to alleviate the situation.

Although our first instinct is to blame the Saudis for our problem, a close investigation will reveal the true cause of the sudden explosion in gasoline prices. George is busy purchasing oil from his oil company buddies to restock the National Reserve. What’s going on? His action in competing for the purchase of oil is raising the price even further. He will probably release quantities of this oil and persuade the Saudis to pump more oil, weeks before his election, to make it look as though he is benefiting us.

Personally, I’ve had it watching Social Security and other domestic programs being slashed to pay for George’s boondoggles. His spendthrift style with our money to line the pockets of his friends and contributors is a disgrace, and he will not get my vote!

John T. Vickers
via e-mail

Grimm is consistent
Re “Bob Grimm’s reviews since the beginning of time” (RN&R, Film shorts, May 20):

Well, what do you know? I move back to the area after two years, and Bob Grimm is still a moron. I just read his short review of Kill Bill: Volume 2. How could that idiot like that movie? It was boring. You should get rid of that clown and hire me as your movie critic because I know damn well I know the difference between a good movie and a bad movie, unlike Bob “I’m a moron who liked the movie Traffic” Grimm. Get rid of him and let me take his place, so the readers of your paper can get intelligent movie reviews from a guy that doesn’t have his head up his ass!

Tom Schreck
via e-mail

Spare change?
Re “Harsh words,” (RN&R, Letters, May 27):

No matter how you look at it, “spoilers” can’t exist in any electoral process because candidates serve only to represent the people. It is a shame that there are so few third parties out there, and those that are recognized continue to be barred from ballots and debates. Third parties seek to bring change for the people of this nation.

We may be stuck with the worst president ever and one of the worst presidential choices in history because there is no real difference between the Republicans and Democrats, they both serve the same corporate empires. It is because the lack of choice in this system that we do not live in a real democracy.

The way that we use politics is wrong. It is wrong to tell someone that they have “wasted” their vote [by voting for a third party]. The people of this country need to start voting for what they believe in and not out of fear. Change is necessary. We need to change our way of thinking and our way of life before it’s too late.

Anthony Stong and Stacy Kennedy
Nevada Green Party