Letters for June 29, 2017

More lack of gray

Re “No shades of gray” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, June 22):

This email isn’t just about this “story”— it’s about the vile, nasty, stupid articles Bruce has written over the last few months. I get it. I felt exactly the same way about having to endure Obummer for eight years, but I didn’t have a platform and I didn’t take time off from a job to protest the nitwit’s agenda. So Bruce, just keep writing and hopefully someday you will get this off your chest along with the other crybabies.

Louise Robey


Long time passing

Re “Of course, of course” (Summer Guide, June 8):

Where have all our horses gone 2 months passing

where have all our horses gone? We’d like to know

Where have all our horses gone, gone to slaughter, everyone

What had they ever done?

Where have all our horses gone? from our hillsides

Running in the morning sun not long ago

Stallion, filly, and their young gone to pet food, everyone!

What had they ever done?

When will any horses come? back to our hillsides

Has our government undone the wild horses run.

Will our children ever see wild horses and their young?

What have they ever done?

Wild horses in the sun!

I’m a 69 year old man who has hunted twice in his life and killed both a buck deer and an antelope. I’ve not hunted since, (my choice), even though we ate the meat. That was almost 40 years ago. I have brothers and friends who still hunt, and it does not bother me. I am a gun owner and will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to protect my family and friends.

Wild horses and domestic animals like dogs and cats, sometimes, are in the wrong place at the wrong time and some people who deem them useless and worthless, treat them with extreme cruelty, sometimes killing them, sometimes crippling them, and sometimes they get away only to die after tremendous pain and suffering.

It is against Nevada law to hunt or kill wild horses. Why, then, do BLM (Bureau of Land Management) big shots say it’s okay to use helicopters, motorcycles, and other vehicles to round up and capture these same wild horses and sell them for slaughter for human and or pet food.

Richard DeSimone

Mound House

A non-Christian view

Re “A Christian view” (guest comment, May 25):

Ms. Van Cleve needs to know there are way too many children in the world now. Starving, they are, unclothed, filthy, homeless, uneducated, etc.

No, Ms. Van Cleve, you and others like you are wrong. And I’m tried of this being Christ’s world. Jesus this, and Jesus that. And all those Bible verses. The Bible was written by man and his thoughts. Newer Bibles, newer thoughts.

I have been in churches where the child rules. Disobedience and disorder, while the leader is trying to perform a nonsensical service. This world is too much based on Christ and the child.

True, the abortion law should be rewritten. It gives too much freedom to promiscuous females—females and males, too. Let’s not forget them bastards. Equal responsibility.

This world’s a mess—too much Christ, kids, and not enough common sense.

Helen Howe

Lemmon Valley

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