Letters for June 28, 2012

Play mythy for me

Re “Tales out of School” (Feature story, June 21):

In “Tales out of School,” Dennis Myers cites the negatives printed about our schools by journalists; saying they perpetuate “myths.” But is this negative coverage entirely a “myth?” There have been serious problems in some schools that the journalists are bringing to our attention. In the academics area, it’s no secret the schools are behind. According to recent statistics how explain that over a third of the kids entering college need remedial help? This is especially bad news since we have a plethora of foreign students clamoring to get in. More parents are dissatisfied with public schools, but they either don’t have the resources to move their kids to a better school or are not capable to home school which is on the rise and one solution to the crisis. Charter-style schools coming online and possible use of vouchers can contribute to better education. Underlying all the problems with the schools is the bedrock from which all this arises: a serious culture crisis stemming from a lack of ordinary discipline that ought to begin in the homes. Not to beat the religion drum but society really could use a step back to some of those values that uster wuz. The 10 Big Ones anyone?

Reta Tallman

Keep on truckin’

Re “Totally trucked” (Feature story, June 7):

I attended the Reno Street Food event last night at Idlewild Park, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was lots of room to move around, I parked for free a short distance away, and all the kids had safe places to play. I’ve heard about the controversy between Food Truck Friday and Reno Street Food, so here’s a way to settle it: The event that takes place at Idlewild will get my business. Downtown’s too much of a hassle by comparison.

Steve Lambert
Spanish Springs

Mythed the truth

Re “Tales out of School” (Feature story, June 21):

As per Dennis Myers’ piece and also our current political discourse, it’s hard to get rid of myths once they sink into the public’s psyche. One illustration: several years ago, our Reno branch of American Association of University Women undertook a study of violence in our community’s middle schools at the request of a group of parents. At the end of our study, our conclusion was that violence was almost non-existent. The parents all rejected our results since they didn’t conform to their perception! Go figure! They would rather believe the myth than accept the reality. Another illustration is the political myths surrounding the Obama administration’s success with the stimulus, and many other activities of the presidency. Many voters would rather cherish the fiction of failure than the facts of success. What are you going to do when the myths are reinforced by entertainment outlets masquerading as news organizations?

Janice Flanagan

Minus some exclamation points

Re “Rock of ages” (Film, June 14):

I have a bone to pick with your movie critic, Bob Grimm. His review last week for the “Rock of Ages” sent me over the edge! First, he takes jabs at the songs in the movie—which are totally awesome! They are the exact reflection of the eighties era! Then he completely loses his mind and personally attacks the rock icon of the ’80s, Jon Bon Jovi, by calling him a “loser!” “That’s a bunch of horseshit Clark” Who does that? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for freedom of the press, but nowadays any moron with an outlet can spew venomous lies and slander anyone’s character with no regard for the truth! Then he goes on to have the nerve to say that Tom Cruise did it better! Are you kidding me? Get real! Not to say that I wasn’t pleased as punch to see Cruise in rocker form, getting down to my man’s song, was the best part of the movie in my opinion, but my man does it like no other! Talk about the ugly green-eyed monster coming out! If he doesn’t like his music, then say just that! To be hateful and call him out as a “loser” screams that he, Bob. Grimm, is the real loser! Jon Bon Jovi is a successful musician, actor, song writer who was inducted into the Writers’ Hall of Fame! He is an entrepreneur and founded the JBJ Soul Foundation to build home and communities for inner cities—they work hand in hand with Habitat for Humanity—he started a food kitchen that is designed to feed everyone who comes, and they pay what they can or they can come in and volunteer and help in the kitchen. He is a loving husband—married his high school sweetheart, he has four children with her. He has never been in the tabloids or aired his dirty laundry in public. He is a respectable entertainer with a heart of gold, who has stood the test of time because of his talent, and should be referred to as such! So, if Mr. Grimm considers him to be a “loser,” I question his intelligence! That’s all!

Daniele Alicea

Right on

Re “Elect Diane Nicolet” (Editorial, June 21):

This is superb. And Diane [as stated in the editorial] has a Ph.D. in education, not just a Master’s. She is a bright and clear candidate, and I applaud your editorial: It is right on!

Dr. Mel Minarik

The Gubernator

“Taxes? We don’t need no taxes. We don’t have to pay no stinkin’ taxes!

Gubmint don’t need taxes to run, nohow.

Gubmint? We don’t need no Gubmint. Big Friendly Corporations will do the job just fine, thank you, and we won’t even have’ta vote no more.

Social Programs? We don’t need no Social Programs. If they can’t cut it, they deserve to live on the streets. This is ’Merica, you know, and if you’re too lazy to get rich, then get your lame ass on outa here.

Firefighters? We don’t need no—. Oh, wait. Never mind.

(Backs away slowly from keyboard.)

Craig Bergland


Re “Elect Diane Nicolet” (Editorial, June 21):

In our editorial endorsing Diane Nicolet for School Board Trustee District E, we stated that had one of candidates received more than 50 percent of the votes, he would have advanced alone to the general election. Although this information was confirmed by the registrar of voters’ office on primary night, it was incorrect. The web version of the editorial has been edited to reflect the accurate information. We regret our error and apologize for any confusion we may have caused.

Re “ ‘Their’votes” (News, June 21):

The wording of our story suggested that the campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dean Heller was supporting the lawsuit to get rid of Nevada’s “none of these candidates” ballot option. A campaign spokesperson said this is not so. We regret the error. For more on this issue, see Upfront, page 6.