Letters for June 27, 2002

Cloistered artworks
Re “Art and Music to the Rescue” [RN&R Pulse, June 13]:

A favorite local artist of mine brought a piece to the Esoteric Coffeehouse and Gallery to be auctioned at the benefit for Stewart Benson. I went to Esoteric with a budget in the hundreds, hoping to add to my collection and contribute to a good cause. I didn’t see the piece. I found and questioned Terry Montague, who eventually summoned a man (co-owner? artist?) who took me to a back room where the work was on the floor. Due to the “highly visual” nature of the exhibit, he explained, the piece in question would not be displayed. It seems that if “the arts community is going all out to raise funds for Benson’s bills,” then all donated art should be presented. Highly questionable impositions of taste shouldn’t be allowed to block money headed Mr. Benson’s way. When I asked if I should purchase the work from the artist directly, the man could not reply. Finally he sold me the piece for $50.00, failing to provide a receipt.

Well, I got my art, and hopefully 50 bucks went toward Mr. Benson’s medical bills. It’s strange: In Reno, photos of topless art instructors are available at any number of openings and benefits, but it takes a tremendous effort to buy donated art for a good cause.

I applaud the art community for coming together to help out Mr. Benson, but I hope that future endeavors like this will be performed more with the heart, brain and wallet than with a cliquish political agenda.

Kari A. Levin

Fear of the Scoob’
Re “Scooby ‘Doobie’ Dud” [RN&R Film, June 13]:

I was very insulted by your review of Scooby Doo, as were many who I talked to. I have grown up watching Scooby Doo and you said that people who like Scooby Doo are scary. That’s wrong. …I just wanted to tell you that, because of you, I will not be getting the News & Review anymore, along with several other people because we’re “scary people.”

Cynthia McCauley
via e-mail

Hey, doc: Forget science; do the research
Re “Preying on Cancer Patients” [RN&R Letters, June 6]:

Dr. John S. Pixley, you are making a terrible mistake with your head in the sand about cancer cures.

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D., chief orthopedic surgeon, chief trauma doctor and faculty teacher at the University of California at San Francisco came down with a breast tumor the size of a large grapefruit in 1992. It was malignant. She refused surgery, chemo and radiation. Instead, she juiced vegetables, drank water, absorbed sunlight and got plenty of rest. Her tumor was all gone in eight months.

Dr. Day has written a book, Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore.” Visit her Web site at www.drday.com.

Educate yourself and contact Dr. Day for real facts and research. Science is not always the answer.

Richard Morse

What debate?
Re “In the Trenches With Mike & Bob” [RN&R, June 20]:

Thanks for your recent article on the Reno mayor’s race. It gave this important matter the substantial attention and space it deserves. There were, however, some inaccuracies. The Robinson-Cashell debate referred to in your article never actually took place. I was there, but Bob was not. Although he had committed to the event a month earlier, Bob announced on June 10 that he would not appear at the noon debate because he had a more important lunch engagement at a fund-raiser for Jon Porter of Las Vegas. An additional reason given for not honoring his commitment was that the debate would not include all mayoral candidates. To their credit, the sponsors did not cancel but went ahead with two candidates particpating: Mr. Tom Orrell and myself.

Thanks for publishing my Web site address. That’s something the Reno Gazette-Journal would not do. Unfortunately, you got it slightly wrong. The correct address is www.mike4renomayor.com.

Mike Robinson

Re “In the Trenches With Mike & Bob” [RN&R, June 20]:

Mayoral candidate Bob Cashell, who once worked for Humble Oil & Refining Co., did not debate mayoral candidate Mike Robinson, whose correct Web site address is www.mike4renomayor.com, during a recent Republican event scheduled for June 19.