Letters for June 24, 2010

Armed remedy?

Re “Angle: ‘Take out’ Reid” (Upfront, June 17):

Sharron Angle spoke about the “Second Amendment remedy” to the Harry Reid problem at least two more times in addition to the one stated by Dennis Myers in his article. Yet when she was questioned by live TV crews, she refused to respond to direct questioning and accused the reporter of putting words in her mouth. The only problem is that these instances are being repeatedly run on different networks, and this makes it a bit difficult for her to deny saying these things. I find it frightening to hear her repeated references to the “Second Amendment remedy” in regards to the Harry Reid problem.

Sharron Angle is saying some pretty rash and irresponsible things, which could be considered inciting others to do harm to Sen. Reid. I would certainly not be comfortable having such an individual in office as a leader representing our state, even though she would be a junior senator.

Gail Dietrich

Road hard

Re “Road warrior” (Green, June 17):

For riders who are not lawyers or Olympic athletes, the mean streets of Reno are especially mean.

The streets of America are killing fields because they are designed that way. British Petroleum and General Motors may not own our streets outright, but they do own our elected officials and thereby gain title to the streets.

It seems we’ve traded the convenience of the automobile for the inconvenience of having tar balls stick to our underarms when at the beach. Maybe not a bad tradeoff. Maybe.

Del Williams

Reviled columnist

Re “Runners to your marks” (Reviled & Revered, June 17):

So, let me make sure I’m reading the Reno News & Review correctly.

The alt weekly obviously aims to cater to a young and educated audience. However, the most recent studies show 42 percent of Nevada’s students graduate high school, giving our state the worst graduation rate in the nation.

Along comes Rory Reid with a plan to actually reform education in Nevada, making education the cornerstone of his campaign.

And the young people’s paper has a columnist who continually takes shots at Rory?

That seems pretty absurd.

Vera Walton
via email

Rory basher

Re “Runners to your marks” (Reviled & Revered, June 17):

I’m not sure why you allow one political columnist to continually bash Rory Reid’s candidacy for governor.

Never once has the RN&R had anything to say about the fact that Rory Reid is the only candidate with real plans to improve our education system in Nevada. Instead, it’s just more of the same man gushing over Brian Sandoval, a candidate who had to run so far right to beat Gibbons that he is now struggling with the moderate base.

Ann Owen

Editor’s note: Our policy is to “allow” columnists to write what they want.

Inhumane ‘sport’

If rodeo cowboys could be rodeo animals for only one day,
And be:
Broken and bridled, saddled and spurred,
Caged and corralled,
Scared, frightened to bolt and run,
Chased, lassoed and stretched,
Hogtied and wrestled to the ground,
And by whatever means made to
Jump, buck, turn and kick,
To be slaughtered someday,
Charbroiled and eaten as a steak;
Why Sonny I’ll bet ya two bits,
The rodeo would be no more.
Then rather than a wave of a cowboy hat,
And a Yee ha, Yippity yi yeah!
There would only be a quiet whinny,
The soft cry of moo hoo hoo,
And a wag of many tails.

Michael J. Ahles

Cheap shot columnist

Re “All in the family” (Reviled & Revered, June 10):

Regarding the article “All in the family” by John Barrette, I ask you Mr. Barrette, what exactly was your point in your article other than to take a cheap shot at a deceased person who cannot defend himself?

You show cowardice and have taken your “right to print” to an all-time moral low.

Perhaps my uncle could have taught you a thing or two about true, respectful journalism … or maybe you were just trying to convey that very point.

You have personified the meaning of “small-mindedness.”

Neena Laxalt

Bad news for all

There are small slivers of silver linings to this most horrendous environmental disaster.

Reports are that along impacted areas on the gulf coast, there are no mosquitoes.

But then there are no insects of any kind, they say.

Nor birds.

Nor sealife.

About the only thing ongoing is humans, though many of them are now suffering respiratory problems, as well as potential cancer concerns later in life.

But, there are no mosquitoes!

Housing and retail properties may soon suddenly become cheaper. But that’s good only if you’re still working and have any money.

Rabid anti-nuke power people may find that as the oils enter Atlantic waters some nuke plants shut down because of cooling problems. While they automatically scram in an emergency, I’m not sure how much power is still needed to keep the cooling ponds circulating. Other types of power plants may have to shut down, too—all this with a potential hot summer coming.

But the best news is that now more people may become aware of the problems of Peak Oil, and our urgent need to start conserving.

Well, maybe 10 percent of them.

And maybe 10 percent of those will actually do anything about it.


That’s only 1 percent?


Never mind, there’s really not a lot of goodness coming from the Great Gulf Fart, is there?

Craig Bergland

Gemini divided

Re “Tea partiers talk nuke tests” (Upfront, June 10):

Hey, wanted to give a shoutout to the only decent (liberal use of the word) news source in Northern Nevada.

Two topics you may want to think about covering, as with the dualistic nature of my June birthsign, both topics are quite opposite. I have a friend who lives near an Air Force base in Utah, who has had 28 surgeries in her life for cancerous tissues removal.

Just last week, her uterus was removed due to cancer. She is torn to shreds inside as she will no longer be able to bear children. I wonder if the testing in Nevada has anything to do with that.

On the lighter side, The High Sierra Music Festival, every Fourth of July weekend in Quincy, Calif., takes place 90 miles outside of Reno. It’s packed full of music—four days of four stages worth plus late night shows with some of the headliners. Tons of kids stuff, and more for the family. I don’t want to sound like a commercial anymore. Just search the net. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

James Watts