Letters for June 23, 2016


How many more of our children need to be slaughtered before this current Republican Congress passes sensible gun laws?

It is totally irrational to allow someone on a “no fly list” to have unlimited access to firearms as well as allowing unstable people to purchase firearms without background checks. These Republican members of Congress have acted against sensible gun laws because they are in the pocket of the NRA. They are not concerned about the lives of our children. We must hold them responsible for lives lost in Newtown and Orlando as well as future massacres. Protect our children! Vote them out of office!

Gale Audia


A talking theft

Last week at 1:30 pm on Thursday, June 2, my locked bicycle was stolen from in front of Reno City Hall. What does it say about a city when a locked bicycle can be stolen in broad daylight, during work hours, on a weekday, from directly in front of the City Hall?

To me, it says that we have a safety and security issue. We have too many policemen cruising around in expensive cars, and not enough patrolling on foot or by bicycle. From the grainy security video, you could see a police car drive by less than a minute before my bike was stolen. If he’d been on foot, he could have stopped the crime.

To me, it says that we prioritize gas-guzzling cars over pedestrians and public transit. We don’t have public transit like light rail to make it easy to get to and from our city center, or a safe place for citizens to store their bikes.

To me, it says that we need to care for every citizen of our city, because there are people in our community without food and shelter, and someone who is desperate enough for 50 bucks that they’ll steal a well-used and well-loved bicycle.

To me, it says that we need to prioritize 100 percent renewable energy, across all sectors, including our homes, businesses and transportation. We can create thousands of new jobs, right here in Reno, by making our homes and businesses efficient, installing renewable energy, and building a light rail through the city. If people are gainfully employed, they’re not stealing bicycles.

On my walk home in 90-plus degree heat, the lack of trees and shade across the city was obvious. We need to plant more trees, preferably fruit trees that can provide food for the homeless, less fortunate, or anyone who likes fresh jam or pie. We could also build solar shade structures to provide shade over many sidewalks, streets and parking lots in addition to the renewable energy needed to power our city.

David Gibson


Islamic expert

Lest anyone be confused about the intent of “radical Islamic extremists,” for the record:

Rule #1: they want to kill us ALL.

Rule #2: when in doubt, refer to Rule #1. Orlando, Ft. Hood, CT, 9-11 attacks should have cleared up any misconceptions concerning the same.

Apparently, however, the White House didn’t get the memo! Attempting to re-define the debate about the obvious concerning the latest attack in Orlando, Odumbo, Pelosikova, and Reidinsky try to ignore the obvious and craft an argument against law abiding citizens owning guns. Ooh, how predictable these traitors are! Ask any survivor and/or family member of the victims of the night club their opinion on what would have changed the outcome, and the answers will universally be “Sure wish a citizen would have had a gun during the slaughter.” Hostages in Islamo-fascist attacks are also known as “dead victims in waiting.” There is no way to prevent these attacks without becoming an Orson Wells 1984 society! The only way to effectively eliminate these radical Islamopussies is for well armed and well trained private citizens to forcibly act in their defense and that of their fellow citizens.

K. R. Kollman


Speaking of—

Re “Accusations and a couple of bucks get you a cup of coffee” (Letters, May 19):

Thanks for printing Mr. Kollman’s rant suggesting that one of the presidential candidates may have committed “lying, murder, sedition, treason.” This hate-filled letter should easily earn an estimated 3,000 votes for the “accused” target of its author’s wrath in Washoe County.

Peter C. Neumann


Off topic

Re “A nonviolent convention” (Guest comment, June 16):

I understand the frustration of Bernie supporters; heck, I voted for him myself, but the risk of a President Trump is too great to ignore. Bernie and Hillary voted together 93 percent of the time in the Senate. Now you want me to believe that there is no difference between Hillary and Trump? That is either ignorant, naïve or delusional. Yes, a President Sanders would have been great, but a President Trump is a disaster. I’m voting for Hillary and hoping Bernie supports her and leverages his support into true change come 2017.

Mark Soto

Elk Grove, CA