Letters for June 21, 2012


Re “Wet and wild” (Editor’s note, June 14):

The reason some of your garden plants didn’t suffer damage due to the freeze is “latent heat of condensation.” When liquid water vapor changes into ice (a solid) the water moves to a lower energy state. Thus, the energy is released as heat, either into the air or onto a surface where the freezing is taking place (your plants). The heat release is about 80 calories per gram of water. The plant receives water, the heat and also an insulating coat of ice.

This heat transfer and the insulation effect are well known in agriculture. By the way, the effect works only in a limited range and time of freezing. For a limited time, the temperature of the ice doesn’t drop below 32 degrees F, even if the air temperature goes lower.

R. Richard

Off truck

Re “Totally trucked” (Feature story, June 7):

I’ve always been in admiration of my fellow Renoites who strive to make our community a more diverse and well-rounded city against all odds. These are the pioneers of Reno who have the heart and ambition to make this city an exceptional place to live. The women who run Gourmelt are two of these pioneers.

They had the drive to create an event for the purpose of uniting their colleagues and boosting Reno’s food scene.

Unfortunately, another group’s sense of entitlement and greed has caused this unnecessary feud. Of course the Reno Food Truck Friday is not an original idea. Many cities worldwide hold similar events. However, I would like to validate RFTF’s disappointment by saying that Reno Street Food has acted inappropriately by creating the same event with the same concept, time and place. Sure, business is business, but this city is far too small and connected to be stepping on the backs of others.

Treating your fellow community members with disrespect because you think you can and because you believe you are more important than them will not get you very far in this tight-knit community. There are good people here trying to do good things. This kind of behavior will catch up to them some day.

Marie McElroy

Cock crows

Which major country is out-smarting America? Here we are trillions in debt. We’re like that car rocking on the edge of the cliff and just a feather would send us over the edge. Whats going to happen is not a feather, but a boulder is coming, and that boulder is Europe.

Greece falls, then maybe Italy. They owe us money, we owe China money—a ripple effect. China calls our notes. The U.S. dollar is worth nothing at that point. We keep producing less, exporting less, importing more and continue to offer entitlements and going further in debt. China sells us widgets we don’t need and loans us the money to buy them.

Wake up, America!

Michael David Arp

Running dialog

Who is this Lori Santos? Why does her letter get in RN&R and not mine?

She says that addiction is an illness and not a moral judgment. Who is she trying to fool?

Of course it’s a moral issue. You have to have respect for yourself not to take drugs. Poeple who take drugs have no respect for themselves. Of course it’s a moral thing. [Perhaps] she’s trying to divert attention because she has a member or members of her family who are into drugs.

This is typical of irresponsible people. They want the community to clean up what their own lazy asses start.

This is where our money goes, listening to these deadheads.

And then she tries to compliment the community by saying that they are wonderful and knowledgeable to further candycoat her argument and get what she wants.

This is how socialism starts.

I was in jail and this fellow down at the end was complaining that he needed a program to get off drugs.

You know what the guard told him? You’re getting that now, shut up.

René D. Bravo

Swing low

Re “Dada rock” (Arts & Culture, June 14):

The hoopla for the Nada Dada motel art show is forthcoming; I’m commenting not about the art or the project, but on the ironic unawareness that emits from the local “scene.”

I was at the Nevada Museum of Art First Thursday last week. A tall dude was wearing an even Taller Top Hat with an Art Dada promo sign on it. There were Dada handouts, kilts, the works. Yet the kitschy and unique “Caution: Low Motel Sign” street sign, not far from Dadaville on West Second Street, has gone unnoticed, and it is in deteriorating condition.

I wrote in about this once after the Olympic (5 rings) Motel sign piece in the RN&R—yet the “low” sign just withers away. Maybe the art/burner crowd could get their own council member elected, and save this icon. I mean, if Toni Harsh once put up silly “feel good” signs around California Avenue, why isn’t this one-of-a-kind caution sign worthy of posterity? Or are we all just “Too Tall?”

Steve Klutter
Sun Valley

Rodeo clowns

If rodeo cowboys could be rodeo animals for only one day and be broken and bridled, saddled and spurred, caged and corralled, gelded and branded, scared, frightened to bolt and run, chased, lassoed and stretched, hog-tied and wrestled to the ground, and made to jump, buck, turn and kick, only to be slaughtered someday, charbroiled and eaten as a steak, why sonny, I’ll bet ya two bits, the rodeo would be no more.

Then, rather than a wave of a cowboy hat, and a “yee ha, yippity yi yeah” there would only be a quiet whinny, the soft cry of moo hoo hoo, and a wag of many tails.

Michael Ahles

Feed me, take my money

Re “Totally trucked” (Feature story, June 7):

I recently moved back to Reno and was excited to hear about Food Truck Friday as part of First Fridays. I went down to the first one and found the two-to-three hour lines. I’m never going to wait that long to buy food from a food truck, no matter how good the food is reported to be.

I was very happy when I heard the food trucks would be downtown every Friday instead of just the first Friday. This would allow more people to partake and would alleviate the crowds that caused such long waits. It wasn’t until I saw the article in RN&R that I realized these events were being put on by different groups. As a consumer, I really don’t give a rat’s ass who puts the event on, and I really don’t understand the childish behavior and finger pointing.

If you didn’t think of putting on the event every Friday and someone else did, then boo hoo. Let us consumers enjoy the event without the political crap behind the scenes spoiling it.

Keith Deutscher