Letters for June 13, 2019

When the president is a cartoon character

Re “Favorite fictional character?” (Streetalk, May 9):

Your recent man-on-the-street survey further convinced me that at least half our population lives in a fantasy world. Half the respondents offered a cartoon character as their favorite, not Melville’s Captain Ahab, nor Clancy’s hero, Jack Ryan. Fictional characters, but at least “real” people, who could make a philosophical discussion.

It’s often mentioned that few of our younger generation comprehends socialism in its true form. Why would they? As a farm kid, we raised and sold livestock, and even high tech jobs like selling eggs. Typically, the only cash coming in to us was on birthdays or Christmas. Pop bottles brought about three cents. In other words, no work no pay. Economics 101, to any one living in the real world.

We have two near-adult generations now, having lived their whole lives, never having worked for cash. Their single mother somehow has credit someplace, though junior only sees a plastic card. She has enough for smokes, but not enough for milk and eggs.

They see brown people with cash, doing the yard work that their grandparents reminisce about, but never make the connection of where said cash comes from. Not sure what your movie guy is going to discuss after Trump’s second term is finished. One can only discuss the philosophy of Batman, or Godzilla, so many times. Would the Road Runner whip Bugs Bunny in a fight?

Ron Ryder


Kitty Jung

I have only had positive experiences with Kitty Jung. She has always been friendly and helpful when I have sought her assistance. In fact, I long ago gave up on trying to get Bob Lucey to act on our citizens’ behalf. So now, if I need help with county issues, I call Kitty Jung or Vaughn Hartung.

This investigation of Mrs. Jung repeatedly uses the phrase, “preponderance of evidence,” when it appears the entire investigation is based on the statements of two people who appear to be predisposed to be hostile to Kitty Jung. The statements of the supposed witnesses are identical. That almost never happens when one does this sort of investigation and it makes me suspect that the responses were rehearsed.

In my opinion, nothing that Kitty Jung said should be considered actionable for these reasons: 1. Kitty Jung is an elected official and answerable to the voters, not the administrators at the county government. I do not see that the HR department has any authority to direct a commissioner to submit to political correctness re-education training, or anything else. 2. Kitty Jung and her fellow elected officials do not forfeit their right to free speech upon their election. She has the right to describe people in any words that she sees fit to use, even when some may be offended by her choice of words.

Tyler Ballance


People obey us?

Re “Skip Sparks” (news, May 30):

Your recent article on construction in Sparks has angered me. Why headline it “Skip Sparks”? Yes, it is a challenging situation coming down here. We merchants are struggling to accommodate our customers with the parking situation with no help from the Nugget or City of Sparks. We are open for business and definitely do not want people to “skip Sparks.” Let’s encourage them to come down, not drive them away.

Reno midtown businesses had lots of support from the City of Reno with their construction. We have been in business for 22 years in this same location and plan on being here another 22-plus years, regardless of the changes around us. We love out city and would never ask people to skip it. Thumbs down, RN&R.

Heidi Quadrio


Reno rents

Re “At this rate” (news, May 9):

So instead of being happy that she was paying below market rent for years, Nobel gets all huffy that her rent is being raised to market rate!?! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!

Richard Royal


Editor’s note: Our story did not report that Brooke Noble’s rent had been below market. We reported such a claim made by the attorneys for the landlords. It has not been confirmed.