Letters for June 10, 2010

That’s the name

Re “Colo-rooter” (15 Minutes, June 3):

Although it has been proven that colonics or enemas aid, not cure, ailments, I find it extremely hard to buy that a girl’s diabetes was “fixed.” Doctors aren’t trained by big pharm. There’s something called “school,” and doctors have to go to them to treat patients (that’s you and me). And even with the best education, no one on this planet knows everything. My main squeeze has Type 1 diabetes. We’d both love for him to need less insulin not to keel over. That would rock. But I doubt an ass cleanse of five gallons is going to do it. That would never jump-start his pancreas and say, “Hey, make insulin again, now.” Get real, lady.

So, please people, if you have serious ailments or illnesses, see a doctor. Not a plumber.

Kristen Sutter

You know it

Re “Primary issue” (Editorial, June 3):

Why vote? I was happy to see I could vote early in the primary. Happy, that is, until I got there and found out I was non-partisan. I was surprised and said, “No, I’m pretty sure I’m associated with the Democratic Party.” “Sorry,” they said, “it says here non-partisan.” I asked, “Well can I change that now?” They said yes. As I was voting, I realized there were no places for senator or other positions. All I could vote for was one person running and minor positions. I asked, “What’s up?” “Oh you are still considered non-partisan, but at the general election, you will be a Democrat. What a joke! I can’t vote for who I want? It’s the two-party system that is ruining America, as it is, and the general election is pretty much fixed by the media and the powers that be. Case in point: Does anyone really believe Ron Paul should not have been the Republican contender/president? Yet the media barely mentioned his name. He was too hot a potato. So we are barred in the primaries and hoodwinked in the general elections. Our country is going to hell, and the government does not seem to care. America’s government needs a major overhaul, and voting won’t do it. It’s time for both parties to be held accountable for their greed, avarice, lies and manipulations.

John McCool

Greed kills

Re “Oily affairs” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, June 3):

Bruce Van Dyke’s column on the oil spill is the best piece I have yet seen on this tragedy. Our government’s policy, dating back to the Reagan administration, of letting industries police themselves, is harming our country in ways we can’t begin to calculate. We simply must have some adult supervision, and some substantial regulation, of these huge industries, and to hell with these Palinites who want to let free enterprise run amuck. Thanks for your intelligent commentary.

Steve Lambert

East of the border

I wonder what would happen if one day, we woke up under a new government. There is a claim that America somehow defrauded Mexico of the five southwestern border states, so what would it be like if America sold or gave those states back to Mexico? Of course, there would be a six-month program for those wishing to return to U.S. sovereignty to have their cases heard … would there be many takers?

I worked in radio for 20 years, and one station I was employed with was sold to a Latino business conglomerate that was going to switch programming to Hispanic. I inquired about opportunities and was offered a sales job at 2 percent commission. I was making 22 percent so I chose to move on. (No wonder illegals come here to work.) Can you protest the ruling authority in Mexico? Probably wouldn’t want to protest a drug cartel. What about the land you live on, yours or the government’s when you move or die?

It’s estimated that $40 billion returns to Mexico from the United States each year and that it costs Nevada $300 million a year to meet the needs of the illegals who reside here, so you can see part of the reason why we’re in the red. Can you envision a mass exodus to Idaho? The children of Latino descent but who’ve lived here all their lives might have a bit of culture shock. And what if the more streamlined America actually enforced their new border’s immigration rules? Makes you think.

Bill Thibault

Tough job

As we plan our backyard barbecues and gift giving for dad this coming Fathers Day, we can also plan to honor truly the vital role of fatherhood by participating now in Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents Month, which lasts through Fathers Day.

If you are a parent, a teacher, or anyone who works with Nevada’s children or teens, plan to do an activity to help build skills in caring, nurturing, communicating, and knowledge in child development, and appropriate discipline among youth. Visit www.preparetomorrowsparents.org now and year-round for ideas for activities posted for Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents Month.

Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents is a national, non-profit organization founded in 1995 to promote parenting skills education for all school-age children and teens. Dr. Myriam Miedzian, social philosopher, author, and co-founder of Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents states, “Isn’t it strange that the most important and difficult task so many people face—raising children—goes untaught? By making boys and girls aware of the importance and complexity of child rearing, classes could bring down teenage pregnancy rates, reduce the number of deadbeat dads, and promote caring, responsible mothering and fathering.”

Pamela Kerlin

Two from Jack

There was a small piece in Saturday’s newspaper that said our governor, Mr. Gibbons, signed an executive order making him sole controller of a new crime commission he’s putting in place. More people to do his bidding. Sounds like more government under bad control—the Republican way. Maybe it’s his way of creating more jobs. Cutting back on so many jobs that are needed for everyday protection, and he turns around and creates another puppet action, more strings to pull, and un-needed government—wasted time and money. Maybe the Shadow knows what the benefit might be or how long that would take. Sounds like “recidivism” is already in motion.

Anyone who’s interested in health cost and what we get for our money, I would suggest going to www.healthyamericans.org/states, compare all the stats and see how much the cost has gone up in the last two years while the economy has been very bad for most average families. See how much the state is doing for you. See how much the medical world is getting for their work. See where we stand with tobacco issues, obesity issues, immunization issues, adult inactivity issues, and many more issues. Where does Nevada rank with the rest of the states? Check it out, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Jack Kunce