Letters for July 6, 2017

One patient’s experience

When I was 9 years old, I was kicked by a horse. Emergency surgery was needed, I lost my spleen and half a kidney. I spent 30 days in the hospital, half of that time in ICU. My mother told me the total bill was a little over $10,000. In 1964, that was a lot of money, but we seemed to manage and my health returned.

If that accident were to occur today, what would be the cost? My daughter spent four hours in an emergency room for food poisoning and the bill was $12,000.

No one should lose everything for an unfortunate accident or illness. What kind of health bill would put seniors, women, the poor and people with preexisting conditions in a situation where either they forgo health coverage or they go in debt to pay their insurance premiums? I believe that all people have the right to a system that will take care of them, not abuse them.

Yes, I have preexisting conditions. Hard to be 60 and not have any. I have lived a full life with bumps in the road. I am lucky to have insurance. I wish everyone could.

Sally Burrows


One Christian’s response

Re “A Christian view” (guest essay, May 25):

The Bible may not be a science book; but when It speaks of scientific matter, It has proven to be accurate in every aspect. Consider, for instance, “the earth is round.” The Bible mentioned this fact thousands of years before it was proven (Isaiah 40:22). The Bible also mentioned “paths in the seas” thousands of years before currents were discovered (Psalm 8:8). The Bible has been proven true hundreds of times over from the existence of gold chariot wheels in the Red Sea to the archaeological proof of people once thought to be fictional. So when God says in the Bible that life begins at conception, it would be wise to listen.

Furthermore, science has proven life begins at conception; and yes, some major scientists agree. Both Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Micheline Matthews-Roth and the famed Dr. Jerome Lejeune (discoverer of Down Syndrome) agree that life starts at conception. Many medical textbooks concur. If science is needed—a child’s organs are fully established by eight weeks, and his heart is pumping blood by 22 days.

Some have argued God killed Egyptian babies. God is not a “teddy bear.” He is not a cruel tyrant either. Love entails that evil is punished so that evil does not reoccur. Egypt refused to obey God’s command to release Israel. What’s more, Egypt had already purged many Jewish babies—some during birth (see Moses’ story in Genesis). God gave Egypt many chances to obey without being punished. He used many other judgments before taking these children home with Him. God was grieved to take children, but we all must admit it was just. God offers both justice and mercy. Yes, there will be judgment, but there is still hope for all who trust Jesus, God’s only Son (and God Himself), alone for forgiveness and salvation from sin and death (Romans 10:9-10). Those who reject His mercy and refuse to obey by believing in Jesus, repenting of sin, and trusting Him must face judgment. God is just.

Katriel J. Van Cleve


One vet’s concern

Trump and GOP “representatives” want to privatize veterans’ health care with vouchers. What this means is that the money will be taken from the VA budget and go directly into the greedy mitts of hospital executives while limiting the care veterans receive. Imagine a disabled vet being told, “Sorry, but you’ve used up all of your vouchers. However, we will gladly treat that tumor for $500,000.” Who knows how many veterans would die from this harebrained, cruel plan if it were to be enacted.

The GOP is actively going after Social Security, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and now after veterans’ health care, all to benefit their corporate masters who fund their campaigns. It’s cruel hypocrisy that these politicians floating this heartless idea thank veterans for their service, show up for veterans events for no other reason than photo-ops as they wave the flag and call themselves patriots to only conspire behind closed doors and take benefits from veterans.

Jack Jernigan

Magalia, Calif.