Letters for July 5, 2018

Trump vs. Nixon

Re “Then and now” (editorial, June 14):

All over the world where democracies looked for guidance from America’s leadership, they are waiting for a correction in America. That correction is the same rectification made when President Richard Nixon resigned. To the world and many Americans, Donald Trump is worse than Nixon. Nixon did not attack our allies and cozy up to our enemies. Worst of all, most Republican leaders in Congress are totally lacking of any courage to stand up to a president that is dangerous to the country, our values, our allies and democracy itself.

Alfred Waddell

Marstons Mills, Mass.

Adjustments, please

I am glad to read that you will have a primary vote this year. I read your final Best of Northern Nevada to help me try winning restaurants, etc., and am happy to see many categories. In 2017, it seemed like Famous Dave’s BBQ was best in everything, and that is impossible. I hope this year, the primary vote will help weed out these situations.

I would also like to see separate categories for high priced restaurants from moderate priced ones. For example, Johnny’s Italian restaurant should not be compared to Olive Garden. Also, Chang’s Chinese should not be compared with good, moderate-priced ones like the Chinese Duck House and Dynasty China Bistro. Same for good and moderate priced casinos. We seniors prefer Hobeys in Sun Valley or the Gold Dust West in Reno. They both have very good coffee shops. Also Baldini’s in Sparks.

Robert Georgeton


One thumb up,one thumb down

Re “Packin’ heat” (cover story, June 21) and “A threshold issue for everyone” (Left Foot Forward, June 21):

First, a great big kudo to Matt Bieker. The highlighted quote on the first page which reads, in part, “the civilized consensus usually returns to: people with opposing ideologies need to actively listen to each other” is a rarely found moment of sanity and careful thought in what is an increasingly emotion-filled and biased media. Good job, Matt!

Next, a big, looooong raspberry to Sheila Leslie. This hate-filled, short-on-facts diatribe is the absolute opposite of sanity and careful thought. She uses quotes without attribution, then makes assumptions and writes them as fact. For example, “despite all evidence that this is a Trump decision and most definitely not a law that was promulgated by Democrats.”

Really, Sheila? Against all evidence?

The reality of the situation is that in many cases when parents break the law, their children are often separated from them while the parents are awaiting trial or serving their sentences. The sane and thoughtful reaction would be to discuss ways to better care for the children—all children, not just the children of illegal immigrants when their parents are caught intentionally breaking the law.

Fred Svetz


Somber letter

Re “Somber comic” (Upfront, June 7):

Concerning your June 7 report on “Where We Live,” a comic book about the Las Vegas concert killings, I wonder why such a dramatic, tragic occurrence, would need to be “improved” by adding fictional story lines?

There has been so much double talk, second guessing, and revisions on alleged fact by certain officials that even the most fervent supporters of law enforcement are likely rolling their eyes concerning all the unconnected dots.

The last report I read about the tragedy was that the first officer into the building had turned off his body cam!

Maybe, since the public in general believed the testimony concerning Bhengazi, as well as Hillary not being bright enough to discern top secret communications, and “acid washing” her phone? And that’s a short list of incredulous testimony from her camp, then the ATF and FBI might assume that the residents of Nevada, would believe anything, and everything claimed and reported about one of the worst events in recent history.

Of course, with the recent release of the Kennedy files (they were largely redacted), then perhaps in another 50 years, we will find out who actually had Kennedy killed, as well as the truth about Las Vegas.


Ron Ryder