Letters for July 25, 2019

Rock credit

Re “Hard as rock” (Arts&Culture, July 18):

Regarding the article “Hard as rock”. There were many buildings the Stewart Indians worked on in the surrounding areas. For instance, there is the Thunderbird Lodge in Incline Village, built by George Whittell in 1939, architect Fred DeLongchamps, who was the architect for many buildings in Reno. I am sure if he used the Indians in one of his buildings, he did so on many of them. Or Cabin in the Sky outside of Carson. All the rock work was done by Randall Wungnema.

Visit this website: https://bit.ly/2LCpCn0. You can see all the buildings the Indians worked on in the region.

Jerilyn Gann


That wacky Trump

Everyone, and especially those in the news, needs to stop taking Donald Trump seriously.

Just as Mel Brooks said he had to laugh at and make fun of the Nazis, we all need to make fun of Donald Trump, so much so that he will be continually embarrassed to the point of being literally laughed off the stage. Call Al Franken. Joke about Trump’s shitty golf game. His fat ass. His hair. His children. Melania. The fact that he really needed this job at the White House because he is broke and owes everybody. And that his only area of expertise is in ripping off contractors and bankrupting casinos. It is long past time to start fighting fire with fire.

Jon Obester


Neighborly letter

The sad state of affairs concerning New Orleans—and the fact that water runs down hill—has gotten to be too much. Katrina, No-name Storm, Morgan, Andrew and a host of other so-called “global warming disasters” fail to take one little bit of reality into consideration by the residents of New Orleans—namely, water is affected by gravity. Let’s say you wanted to build a house, below sea level. On three sides! And it floods, has hurricane damage, the levees fail, the pumps fail. Circle one or all.

Now you, proud owner of property in New Orleans, somehow feel that due to your own phenomenal lack of basic science comprehension, that I and other taxpayers are responsible to put your house/city back together again, and again, and again.

Let the property owners of New Orleans bear sole financial responsibility for their short sighted property disaster decisions.

Kim Kollman

Dumaguete, Philippines

City cabal

Chairman: “Meeting to order please, we need to coordinate which streets to close today to further inflame the public.”

#3: “Let’s close Second at Washoe Med and force everyone through the parking lot onto Mill!”

Ch: “All agreed, but there is no Washoe Med anymore. Whatever.”

#2: “Let’s do Plumb/Virginia again. They hate that.”

Ch: “No, they’ll catch on if we do that too often.”

#2: “How about Plumb and Kietzke?”

All: “Most excellent! That should kick up the road rage well!”

#6 “I heard places like Washington and Oregon actually work on their roads at night.”

Ch: “Number 6, you are permanently banned. Secretary, please destroy these notes. We will meet again tomorrow.”

Craig Bergland


Waters and Warren

Re “Sheila’s endorsement” (letters, July 3):

When reader Thom Waters objected to Elizabeth Warren’s claim of substantial Cherokee heritage, he either failed to know or left out the fact that Senator Warren was given that information by a parent. I’m sure even Thom Waters wasn’t prone to running everything his parents told him through a fact-checker. Misinformation from one’s parents and intentionally lying, as Mr Waters characterized Senator Warren’s statement, are two different things.

Rande Bell

Carson Valley


Re “Hard as rock” (Arts&Culture, July 18):

Our story referred to source Nancy Gilbert as a realtor. This is incorrect. Gilbert has never been a realtor. We regret the error.