Letters for July 19, 2001

Spanish-speakers buy things, too

Jennifer Nelson wants to be the official copy editor (read: censor) for Wells Avenue billboards, according to a letter in the June 25 Reno Gazette-Journal. She whines that all-Spanish language billboards are popping up near her business, giving the area a “Tijuana” theme. She calls herself a business owner, but I wonder if she was home sick on the night the class on marketing was given.

According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Latino buying power now exceeds $458 billion dollars and is increasing at a 7.6-percent annual clip, the fastest growth rate among all ethnic groups.

Please, Jennifer Nelson, give me the name of your store. I want to be there when you have your going-out-of-business sale so I can take your lease. And you call yourself a businessperson?

Mike Ramos
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The RN&R needs to be alternative

Re “Baffling actions” (RN&R Editor’s Note, June 28):

It was with amused sympathy that I read the comment about the firing of [former Las Vegas CityLife senior editor] Hugh Jackson in your Editor’s Note: “ … this may spell the end of the road, quality-wise, for what had been called the best paper in the state [Las Vegas CityLife] by some folks. This move is like lopping off your head because you want to lose weight.”

The quality of this paper has taken a steady slide toward the Big Nickel since Erik Espe left in March 1998. Yes, I still pick up the RN&R every Thursday. Gone, however, are the days when I read every inch, including the ads, every week. Nowadays, I rarely make it through anything but Bruce Van Dyke’s column and the horoscopes. What I miss is the “alternative” part of the paper. Lately, as agreed upon by others whose opinion on the state of RN&R I have solicited, it seems that RN&R has become the weekly younger sibling of the Gazette.

The pot ought not be calling the kettle black. Take some chances, Boegle. Give us back our alternative weekly!

Rebecca M. Thomas

Thanks for the music ads

I just wanted to thank the RN&R for having free “seeking musician” ads. I think that it is a great service that the people of Reno haven’t caught on to yet, but I think they will eventually.

I love the paper. Keep up the good work.

Jesse Fitzgarrell
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I am anti-Israel, not anti-Jew

Re “Israel’s Actions Are a Censored Story” (RN&R Letters, May 31) and “No Place for Anti-Israel Hate” (RN&R Letters, June 28):

In the June 28 of the RN&R, I was accused of anti-Semitism for my support of the Palestinians against the Israelis. I must confess the charge surprised me. Is it possible to voice support for the Palestinians without being anti-Semitic? I thought this was a conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, and not part of a general conflict between Judaism and Islam. Furthermore, aren’t the Palestinians a Semitic people? I thought Arabs and Arabic in general were classified as “Semitic.”

My views are not anti-Semitic; they are, however, quite anti-Israeli. The types of religious apartheid being practiced in Israel are anti-American and deserve our condemnation.

Robert Michael Kern

Grimm gets a review right!

Re “An intelligent film” (RN&R Film, July 5):

I’ve really enjoyed Bob Grimm’s movie reviews in the News & Review. In fact, whenever there’s a new issue, his column is always the very first thing that I turn to. Lately, he’s been a little more raunchy than usual, and I was getting a bit concerned. However, I have to say that I agree with every syllable of his review for A.I.: Artificial Intelligence … what an incredible film. I almost don’t want to start telling my friends about it, because I’m afraid I’ll never shut up.

Like I said, his reviews have been kind of cranky lately, but I can’t fault him for sticking to his convictions and telling it like it is. I’ve admired him since his Titanic review, when he thumbed his nose at the snobs who were ready to pounce just because it was so popular. Keep up the great work.

Sean McDevitt
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