Letters for January 5, 2017

A page for Bruce

There was a nonsensical writer by the name of Van Dyke/ Who only cried and moaned about an election he did not like/ He endlessly wrote misleading columns parroting the CIA lies/ About Russian hackers along the line of old cold war spies.

Here’s hoping Bruce and the DNC will tell the truth and then take a hike.

Alan Banfield

Carson City

For whatever reason, my wife seems to always bring a copy of the Reno News & Review home with her from a trip to the grocery store, perhaps because it is free and handy but most certainly not because it is such a fine source of information.

Reading the rantings and ravings of your correspondent Bruce Van Dyke causes me to wonder if he has ever found anything connected to the conservative viewpoint to be of value. One thing is for sure. He is offensive, vulgar and full of sarcasm. It must be difficult living in his shoes knowing that everyone hangs on his every word and that he is the smartest person in the world with the ability to diagnose the ills of this country with absolute accuracy. Talk about egocentric. He is the epitome of narcissism.

Having said that, I must ask, “What in the hell does the Reno News & Review find so exciting about the weekly opinion of someone who sounds as if he is mentally deranged?” Do you really improve your circulation by printing the mindless ramblings of Bruce or are you just so hard up for contributing opinions that you have no choice but to print his crap? Are writers like him the best you can attract? No wonder you have to give your papers away free. Who in their right mind would pay for it?

Thomas B. Gargus

Sun Valley

I am writing to voice my appreciation and support for Bruce Van Dyke’s consistent reporting on the ugly facts of life in America since the election of Trump. I have never been so despondent about the future of our country before, and Bruce’s column reminds me there is some sanity and intelligence left in the world.

Appropriately enough, I’m listening to his Fine 89 retrospective on ELO and the song “21st Century Schizoid Man” as I type this. Greg Lake sure had an accurate premonition of the horrid future facing us in this century. Thanks, Bruce, for your musical and political insights! Keep reminding the zombies of the facts.

Valerie Williams

Carson City

Re “What goes around” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Dec. 22):

Your article is my nomination for a new category of the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest. Alas, it is not open to stupid writing, only stupid fiction writing. You just cannot write in any way that anyone who is not drunk or high could possibly rationally understand.

Please stop. I am angered that I have now wasted 15 minutes of my life on you. You are entitled to your opinion about Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton or any other politician you wish. Present your theories and justify why they might be possible. However, you must persuade your audience, based on interpretation of facts or inferred facts or new ideas, that your voice matters. Your voice is the ranting, incoherent rambling of idiocy that I have rarely seen in a newspaper in a long time. Your writing stinks because it does not persuade. It is like running into a drunk guy at a bar spewing his moronic reasons why men from Mars are already here on Earth and taking it over. It is a good thing marijuana is now legal for recreational use here in Nevada. At least you will no longer be a criminal. But you are still a moron.

Greg Sabin