Letters for January 30, 2014


Re “Out damned pot” (Upfront, Jan. 16):

Too bad pot can’t be mined or fracked, for the Legislature would be behind it 100 percent. But we would have to hire Texans or other foreigners to run the business.

Roberta Moose


Bob’s a spicy tomato

Re “The Bobbit: the desolation of film 2013” (Feature story, Jan. 9):

Got to your site after reading movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Grimm is my favorite. Love the sense of humor and totally agree with his assessment of best and worst films of the year. Not sure what some of the more well-known film critics were thinking. Probably got sizable payoff from the film companies, considering how utterly wrong and transparently pandering and sycophantic they often are. Or maybe they sleep through the films and just copy what other people say. Or are they just watching the trailers and sucking up the marketing propaganda? Grimm doesn’t run with this brain-dead crowd, but nails the reviews. Even if he is alone in his assessment. Love it. Carry on!

Dave Slater

Pacific Grove, Calif.

Water watch

Re “How dry” (News, Jan. 23):

This article presents a great opportunity for those interested in sustainable water management techniques. Urban Roots is offering a two-day workshop in February to discuss these points in our high desert community, open to farmers and the public. Visit www.urgc.org for details and to register.

Cheryl Skibicki


Leave the parties

Re “Essay describes Paul activism” (Upfront, Jan. 16):

Edwin Lyngar’s frustration with Republican libertarians and embrace of liberalism is like being frustrated with America and moving to Iran. However, I thank him, because it made me rethink my own party affiliation. The only reason I register as a Republican is to be able to vote in primaries and vote for the most libertarian candidate. However, this is like joining the Nazi Party just so you can vote for the least fascist candidate. It is time for Americans to support and register with third parties. I would guess the majority of Americans are like me. They only vote Republican or Democrat, because they feel voting for a third party candidate is throwing away a vote whereas they can vote for the least worst Republican or Democrat candidate. I don’t have much faith in polls, and I truly believe most Americans are now ready to vote for an independent third party.

The main reason I’m leaving the GOP is the realization that they will never nominate a libertarian as a presidential candidate. Never, never, never, never, never. Republican libertarians need to face reality as I have. We’ve been screwed, and it’s time for us to get mad and ditch the GOP. Libertarian Republicans, I implore you, leave the GOP, leave the GOP now, in droves, in big, large, massive droves. The way they treated us in the 2012 primaries was deplorable and with all the reports of vote tampering and fraud, I have lost faith that the libertarian vote within the GOP will ever count, ever.

America, the Republicans and Democrats do not represent you, and they never will. They are the political wing of big banks and big business. They have increasingly screwed us over especially in the last decade. Your income is shrinking. Forget the fake government inflation numbers; we are all becoming poorer while the richest are becoming richer. The jig us up. Those in power would have Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame Democrats, dividing and conquering us. Both corrupt parties are to blame for this mess. Quite frankly, if an independent liberal third party candidate looked like he or she could take the presidency, I’d vote for him or her over either Republican or Democrat. To me, independence is more important than left or right, and I think the majority of Americans would agree. Big banks and big business are running this country. How are they doing? Are you worse or better off than 10 years ago? You want to throw them out? Then throw out the Republicans and Democrats.

Ed Park


False hope

Re “Gone to pot” (Feature story, Jan. 23):

After a relapse of leukemia, I had a bone marrow transplant and applied for a Nevada medical marijuana card. The State Medical Marijuana website asked for a request letter along with a $50 application fee, which I sent along with a letter from my practitioner. The packet I received completely overwhelmed me. In order to proceed I needed to get fingerprinted, get a Nevada doctor to complete a form, complete a waiver and have it notarized, and submit another $150. If approved, I would receive a temporary letter until the background check was complete, and then I would have to go to the DMV to get my card. The card needs to be renewed each year. None of this is mentioned on the website, which I found misleading. NRS 453 is linked to the website, but it’s not very user friendly nor is it mentioned in the instruction letter. My intent here is not to bash the law or the website, but to give others a heads up before sending in the initial (non-refundable) $50 only to find out it’s complicated and expensive, especially when going through serious medical treatment that could be helped by using medical marijuana.

Jane Wirth


The whole world is watching

I’ve just finished reading Radley Balko’s outstanding book, Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces, and I think I have a solution to ending our drug war and SWAT raids. Require that all SWAT raids be videotaped before, during and after, with sound. And these tapes must be available to the news media immediately after the raids.

I believe that if all of the raids that involved the wrong address or the killing of any people or pets or in front of children, the public will be outraged and demand an end to them.

For those who have not read Balko’s outstanding book, I suggest they read the introduction and then skip to Chapter 8. If you can set the book down after reading Chapter 8, then you are either a psychopath or sociopath and further reading won’t help you.

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ariz.

Did we win?

The war between Good and Bad is over. The evil ones are the winners. The reason that we good people lost is because we played fair while the evil ones used every illegal and immoral trick. We prayed, but it did no good. We wished and we hoped, but to no avail. We called upon ever supernatural power for help, but we got nothing. Maybe something would happen, but it didn’t. Some of us tried to love our enemies, but laughter was all we got. I gave money to places I thought would help, but all they did was get fat off us suckers.

So where does that leave us little people? We are big in numbers, but they have all the power. Maybe we can unite. But we tried that, and it didn’t work. Then we tried it again with the same result.

I have given up trying to make this a better country. Now I’m looking for a wife. She will have all of my love and when I die, all of my money. That’s the best I can do.

Brad MacKenzie