Letters for January 25, 2018

The Forsythe case

Re “What the doctor ordered” (cover story, Dec. 12):

After meeting with Dr. James Forsythe twice, journalist Jeri Chadwell did not give Dr. Forsythe credence to his “whistle blowing” complaints but decided to do a “hit-job” on Dr. Forsythe, a board certified medical oncologist and homeopathic physician.

It is my opinion that Dr. Forsythe wanted to emphasize, in a recent meeting with Renown’s CEO, Anthony Slomin M.D., and Dr. Max Coppas, how “saving lives of cancer patients” by using integrative medicine with targeted chemotherapy by genomic testing and insulin potentiation therapy and immune stimulation could be more effective than conventional oncology treatments. He was told, “The Cancer Institute is the engine that drives this hospital. Why would we want to change anything?” Later, both representatives from Renown denied meeting with Forsythe.

Dr. Forsythe has done an outcome based study with 1,250 stage IV cancer patients over an 88 month investigation which has established a 70 percent survivorship of all cancers which is more effective than the studies in the United States and in Australia, which showed 2.1 percent and 2.3 percent respectively. Dr. Forsythe wants to have VICTORY over a cancer patient’s illness and reduce adverse toxicities from full dose chemotherapy.

I’m not a medical oncologist or a cancer patient, but do feel strongly about the pureness of Dr. Forsythe’s intentions to save as many cancer patients, using his protocol which has been written about and spoken highly of at many oncology conferences throughout the United States and internationally.

James Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., is not only a respected medical oncologist but he is requested to share his success of cancer treatments with many other integrative oncologists. His patients, who do not desire “conventional chemotherapy,” come to Forsythe Cancer Care Center from all over the world.

It is the opinion of so many patients who have benefited from Dr. Forsythe’s protocol being used at his clinic in Reno that if more people “knew the truth” about how cancer patients conquer their cancer through Dr. Forsythe’s protocols, he would never receive a negative written or spoken review, but would be given “accolades” or at least the credit for improving the survivorship percentages of those unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Forsythe gives hope and victory over their cancer while other oncologists give them their death sentences.

Eddie Floyd


Editor’s note: Please see this week’s editorial for a response.

Strategy of war

Re “Bloat” (cover story, Jan. 11):

In the book Drift: The Unmooring of the US Military, Rachel Maddow chronicles the history of the wars we have been in, how we entered, how we exited. The premise of the book told the story of a nation who was united around principled causes in such a manner that the entire nation not only was conscious of the cause but also participated. The primary examples being the world wars.

Contrast this to the example she gave on Vietnam. President Johnson asked his advisors the very specific question: “How do I prosecute a war without the consent of the American people?” His answer was to not ever call up the reserves. In this way, many of the neighborhoods would not feel the impact and he would be able to continue on the down low. Vietnam still lives today.

We have become a nation without comprehensive and congruent foreign policies that include immigration, global trade, foreign aid and arms sales. All four are necessary for sound foreign relationships. Our foreign aid program is a giant kickback process for mega contractors, our State Department is a sham going back decades, and our POTUS is a narcissistic stable genius ignoramus.

JFK wrote A Strategy of Peace and none of our leaders have taken heed. Military bloat is the tip of an imperialism that is out of control as we have had too many criminals in the White House.

Mark Ahearn

Carson City