Letters for January 24, 2002

Why publish bigot’s words?
Re “Blatant anti-semitism?

Read on” [RN&R Letters, Jan. 17]:

The letter by S. Wright and your printing it only exacerbates the narrow-mindedness that many people in Northern Nevada have about Jews. He says, “There is hardly such a creature [creature?!] as a poor Jew in this country or one who will help anyone but his own people.” I’m asking you, RN&R: Why print this crap? It only promotes demagoguery and a dumbing-down of society. Please, there is enough hatred toward and stereotypes of Jews and others. I challenge you to think about your how your paper impacts this small community.

Name withheld

Depo-Provera: a miracle drug
Re “Controlled by Birth Control” [RN&R, Jan. 10]:

I wish to dispute the recent article in which the author claimed that Depo-Provera ruins your sex life, plummets your self-esteem and makes you moody, depressed, broken-out and fat. I have been on Depo-Provera for more than five years and believe that it is one of the best creations of the 20th century.

Depo-Provera allows me to lead a happy, healthy life, free of worry about accidental pregnancy. It’s 99.7 percent effective, more effective than female sterilization. I haven’t had a period since I started on Depo-Provera, and I don’t suffer from a lack of sleep or libido either. In short, I consider it a miracle drug.

Of course, it does not work for everyone—people are different and have different responses to the same substance. People who are lactose intolerant don’t drink milk, and if Depo-Provera makes you feel bad, don’t use it. The important thing is that we are fortunate to have options. If one method of birth control does not work for you, there are other choices. We should be celebrating those choices even if they don’t all fit with our bodies or our lifestyles. That is why it is important to stay informed and base your choices on information, not an emotional article that may make an interesting story but should only be taken as a point of view, not an objective opinion. For more information on Depo-Provera, visit depo-provera.com.

Beth Scott
Via e-mail

Heroes fight Oil-Dri
Re “Bring On Oil-Dri” [RN&R Letters, Jan. 10]:

The letter written by A. Anderson, who I suspect does not live in Lemmon Valley, was so angry and mean spirited—and not filled with facts either. Can one love the unspoiled outdoors and support the Sierra Club and not be called an “eco-fascist?” I have never considered myself a fascist! I really don’t think the Sierra Club has ever forcibly suppressed any opposition.

I think the people who are defending their homes, health and the environment deserve hero status. Some have spent countless hours fighting this out-of-state corporation, Oil-Dri, taking time away from happier pursuits.

The “public coffers” will not gain $12 million annually. I think that figure projected by Oil-Dri includes every nickel spent by anyone coming within sneezing distance of their project. How does that figure contrast in the services they will use and the property taxes lost on the residential area ruined?

The argument could go on and on considering the inappropriateness of the site and damage to the quality of many lives. Hopefully the County Commissioners already know how ill-advised this project is and will vote accordingly.

Victoria Sloan
Antelope Valley

Hooker apocalypse
Re “Getting Girls Off the Streets” [RN&R, Jan. 3]:

The solution to the problem of slimy, trashy people on Fourth Street is to tear down all the sleazy motels on Fourth, Center, Lake and West Second streets. Pour kerosene on Fourth Street from Interstate 80 West to the Prater Way intersection, and throw a match on it.

John Fisher

Smoking sucks
Re “Tobacco Control for Fairness” [RN&R Guest Comment, Jan. 17]:

Thank you so much for that very informative article regarding statistics on smoking. I’d like to paste it all over the door just outside of our workplace break room!

Name withheld
via e-mail