Letters for January 23, 2020

Weeding out truth

Re “Hashed out” (In Rotation: Smoke, Jan. 9):

Thank you for pointing out one of the many reasons cannabis needs to be studied. I'm a user for 47 years, medical card holder since 2008, award winning grower and breeder, and a medicinal budtender for 2.5 years. I have witnessed amazing results from products made from cannabis. February 2017, I slipped breaking my wrist and humerus. Cannabis was the only medicine I used. I know it works, but I want to know the how and why. An information site that I personally rely on now is projectcbd.org. I modulate the effects for pain, sleep or recreation by mixing different percentages of THC/CBD and changing my strains often. I source organic CBD from Sierra Nevada Hemp in Carson. You mentioned set and setting. Consumption lounges will be a perfect place to hold clinics in cannabis use. Seniors are terrified yet they have much to gain. I know.

Lissa Farrell

Carson City

Old gripe

Re “Bible stud” (Film, Jan. 21, 2010):

There's no analysis at all in this review. It is devoid of intellect. You listed off a few of your favorite scenes (unsurprisingly, those with the most violent action), you gave a plot synopsis for whatever reason, then you complained about the supernatural plot twist—but not for the lack of verisimilitude or its moral incompatibility with its violent expose; instead you warned, “If you don't like religion, you'll think it's silly.” You'd do the world a favor to find a different hobby.

Jorell Dye

Seattle, Washington

But … it’s in Sparks

To whom it may concern: I'm a little disappointed after watching an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives filmed in Reno. The restaurant chosen to represent the best of Reno was Noble Pie Pizza Co. The pizza is sub-standard—at its best, mediocre. “The award-winning wings”? Anyone can deep fry a wing and add Frank's Red Hot Sauce to it and call it award-winning? If research was done properly, it would be known that Boulevard Pizza best represents Reno. The Thai wings are sweet spicy and delicious. I can keep going on about these wings because they are that good. Noble Pie does not represent Reno properly. I want it to be known that Boulevard Pizza is the standard when it come to wings in Reno. Can there be a wing article to set it straight?

Matthew Verzola


Surface level

You know, a decade or so ago they paved our street. It was well done, extraordinary. You could almost play pool on it—kinda.

Couple of years later, somebody decided to unnecessarily repave … and on the cheap. Now we have a city where the manhole covers are well below the grade. Who the darned-golly-gee-heck allowed this to happen? What kind of company would ever agree to do something as sinisterly dastardly as this?

Not only has this abrupt elevation change in our roadways caused many accidents, but perhaps even fatalities. Do you dodge those potholes daily, too? Super bad for two-wheel vehicles?

Not only do we pay more now for repairs to our shock absorbers, alignments and tires, but there is even something far more dastardly at play. Yes.

Consider the constant pounding by heavy vehicles on the below-ground vaults and pipes that are under our manhole covers. You can see them starting to give. Take a look. I'm thinking the future is in for a ginormous cost to rebuild this crap. Let's hope they are not so shortsighted.

Whoever allowed for this ugliness should not be guillotined, but rather tarred and feathered. A guillotine is too quick.

Craig Bergland


Quite the compliment

Re “The long sentence” (Cover Story, Jan. 16):

Jeri Davis' article “The long sentence” reflected the kind of investigative journalism I have come to appreciate so much via Dennis Myers. A lot of information developed into a coherent and compelling narrative that tells an important story.

Stephen Lafer