Letters for January 23, 2003

Equal opportunity offenders
Re “News to make you snooze” [ RN&R, Editor’s note, Jan. 2 ]:

I’m just ending a three-week visit to Reno. I love your city and find the people very friendly and warm. I step outside and the beauty of the surrounding mountains awes me. I thank the Creator for all of it.

I picked up a copy of your RN&R newspaper last evening and immediately turned to your editor’s note. I was shocked and appalled by the cavalier use of the name “Christ” in the second paragraph. Surely a man of your education and knowledge could have chosen a more appropriate word. There must be thousands of Christians in your community who would find this offensive. I scanned the rest of your paper and realize it wouldn’t be of future interest to me, but that’s OK—to each his own.

But I’m wondering whose religion or beliefs you will offend next edition, or do you just reserve your bias for Christians?

Merrilleen Tippery
Omaha, Neb.

Dear Ms. Tippery,

If you’ll head east out your front door, go down South 42nd Street, hop on I-80 to I-29 and then to U.S. 73/75, in about 90 minutes you’ll arrive in Falls City. In Falls City, you’ll find Sts. Peter & Paul Grade School and Sacred Heart High School, where I took 12 years of Catholic instruction. If you’ll head south from there to Atcheson, Kan., you’ll find a beautiful Benedictine monastery, where I did a year and a half of college. As not just a confirmed Catholic, but one who was even an altar boy at a confirmation mass (a high honor, as I’m sure you are aware), I can assure you that I used the word Christ in a manner for which He wouldn’t condemn me. Conversely, I’m not so sure about Bob Grimm’s use of “goddamn” in this week’s cover story, which is a technical violation of the Second Commandment. However, I don’t feel quite comfortable impinging on his freedom of expression, so I guess I’ll leave it in.

Thanks for visiting our fine city.

Editor D. Brian Burghart

Good news, all the time
Re “News you abuse” [ RN&R, Letters, Jan. 2 ]:

Does GK Harrison have nothing better to do than to cut up a local news channel, just because they did a few stories on shopping and local merchants?

In a world of terrorists, murders and starvation, Channel 2 news brought us a few light-hearted stories on shopping around the holidays. What’s wrong with that? Surely, if something horrible was happening, such as our country was under attack, then I’m sure that John and Wendy would cover the tragedy.

There are so many horrible things happening in this world right now. Thank goodness that our local news does not tell us about every single catastrophe.

I enjoy watching Channel 2 news with my children, and my children need to know that there is more to our lives than tragedy. Further, my children need to know that Reno, as the city they’re growing up in, is a friendly place to live.

To me, the cast of Channel 2 appears to be a handsome, intelligent, competent group of individuals. I enjoy a break from the gruesome reality of our world, by watching the more comical and light-hearted stories, which may not be considered “news” to some. Certainly, I am not the only person who feels this way.

So relax. I assure you, as a faithful Channel 2 News viewer, that when the breaking news happens, John and Wendy will not be enjoying a cup of Starbucks under the arch.

name withheld
via fax

Thou shalt not kill
Re “Euthanize animals, then eat them” and “Euthanize bad owners” [ RN&R, Letters, Jan. 16 ]:

Thank you for printing the story “This Dog’s Life.” I am concerned by the ignorance and nonsense contained in the opinions shared in the recent Letters section. The euthanasia of adoptable pets is a serious problem. This problem is a result of pet owners not spaying/neutering their pets, not properly containing them and failing to make a lifetime commitment to their care.

Animals in shelters are not “losers.” They are there for various reasons, few if any a fault of their own. People move and leave their pets. Many are found without ID tags.

The problem of animals being euthanized is a problem created by people. It is our responsibility to be concerned about it and to correct it. There is help available here in many areas, from spay-neuter programs to feral cat programs to behavioral problem programs. Giving up your pet to a shelter is not your only option.

A “No-Kill” does not create problems, nor is it a bleeding heart fantasy. It is an attainable goal.

P. Manning