Letters for January 22, 2015

As a lifelong member of the Republican Party, having worked over 40 years as a volunteer poll worker, and a cohort of the Silent Generation, it was disturbing to see how the dismal voter turnout at the polls was addressed by the media and the electorate at large.

While manning one of two tables for the assistance of our voters who cast their ballots at the library, I couldn’t help but notice that, of the 250-plus ballots that were cast by voters from five precincts, there were at least two dozen voters who were turned away ostensibly for showing up at the wrong precinct.

The nearer it got to closing time, the greater the display of anxiety, disappointment and hostility among these unfortunate procrastinators.

I’m confident that if this anomaly was extrapolated throughout the entire county, it would provide some clarity to the overly hyped claim that this election had the worst turnout since World War II. A more nuanced finding might have even suggested that the “invisible hand” had been instrumental in suppressing voter rights.

While the intent of early voting is to make it more convenient for voters by removing the assigned precinct prerequisite, there is a commensurate lack of due diligence in the subsequent public notices regarding precinct prerequisites on election day.

It would be naïve to think there was no deliberate effort to minimize the prospects of a smaller turnout if the element of human procrastination were somehow obfuscated. With all the rhetoric about voter suppression sans reliable authentication, one would think the media would have monitors utilizing the observer tables provided—such was not the case.

From my perspective, I shall remain a registered Republican, if for no other reasons than to decode the party agendas, skewer its algorithms and neuter those factions which harbor fascist proclivities.

Sadly, my party has taken the wrong path of fear and suppression. While some may call us RINOs, we should start thinking of ourselves as part of the fifth column of the Fourth Estate.

The voters want to vote! Where is the will to make that an easy and seamless pursuit?

Robert W. Mulvana


Drones at night

Re “Invest your privacy in drones” (Liberty Belle, July 18, 2013):

This column contains information that is limited to what can be released at this time. I’m writing this short letter because of my concern about drone operations in Lemmon Valley.

These drones are launched from this dead Air Force base. They are top-secret drones. They launch several thousand rounds every night. These drones are nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Most of them are based on alien technology.

These drones can do amazing things that I’ve never seen before. I have seen many drones on TV, but I’ve never seen anything like these. I noticed these drones three months ago in California. Everybody seems to think they’re stars.

Because of my certain type of vision, I can see certain things other people can’t see because I worked in the industrial field, and my eyes were damaged from welding.

Now I’ve noticed these drones being operated by the surveillance operations. I’ve noticed them from Nevada to California to Roseville to Sacramento, all over, everywhere I go, I see the same ones, and when I return to Lemmon Valley. I did not realize they were manufactured here.

They take off every night at 6:30, and they return to base at 5:30 every morning. These ships can maneuver in any direction at any time, motionlessly and soundlessly, the whole ship is covered in lights. They operate in threes, and they cover a grid around Reno and all of the cities.

I do not know if this is Defense Grid or security grid, or what it is. I just know it is a great concern, because I have watched these things operate now for over five months. I have personally watched these things do what no aircraft should be able to do.

They can change their directions and shapes, and they can also make people believe that they are regular aircraft when they’re not.

My question is, what are they really doing? Are they using the people as guinea pigs? Are they using us as potential targets? What is their purpose? Why are they watching individuals so closely?

Some of us have been targeted by these drones, no matter where we go or what we do there.

name withheld


Two quick things

First: Has anyone noticed how KTVN Channel 2 has morphed its commercials over the last year? It started last year with their two anchors telling us in commercials how “Fair and Balanced” their news reporting was.

When I sent them an email at the time asking if they were not so subtly telling us they were a mini FOX News Channel, the reply I got was that they had one word different from the FOX News slogan.

And then, this week, I see their new commercial showing their reporting of past street crime here in Reno/Sparks with the new slogan of “Looking Out For Your Safety.”


A rather blatant attempt to use fear and their supposed assistance in keeping us safe as a reason for us to watch is what it sounds like to me. And this in the Reno/Sparks area where there really is very little crime, and no neighborhoods where you should feel afraid. None.

Crime is an aberration in our area, not a way of life. I still watch KTVN because I feel they have the best weather reporting in our area, but if they are aiming to model themselves along the FOX News model, I am gravely disappointed.

Second: Your food reviewer needs to hit some food trucks. Specifically, the hot dog vendors.

There are some incredible hot dogs available on the streets of our area. From the Chicago Dog wagon that parks in Midtown to the truck that irregularly parks in the Fantasy Girls parking lot to my own favorite, Amy’s Hot Dogs. Amy’s is on Oddie every Friday and Saturday evening, and run by a husband and wife with all the style and grace you could ask for.

Having grown up around the Doggie Diners in the Bay Area, I must say that Amy’s Mexican Style Hot Dogs are as good as any I’ve ever tasted. I’ve never experienced anything but cordiality from everyone as I stand and wait my turn.

They deserve all of our support for their hard work, excellent service and awesome dogs.

Rich Birdsong


The dream

Aside from his mortality, the greatest American prophet, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., was similar to Jesus Christ.

It has been said the only true activist is one willing to die for what they believe.

Jesus died so we can escape eternal judgment. King died so we can escape unfair judgment because of the color of our skin.

Milo Reese



Re “American Flatlined” (Feature story, Jan. 15):

Two photo credits in the photo essay “American Flatlined” were incorrect. The cover image and the photo labeled “Fashion shoot” on page 13 were shot by Sparks photographer Steve Erickson.

We apologize for our error and for any confusion our error might have caused.