Letters for January 2, 2020

Decade debate

Re “OK, boomer” (Letters to the editor, Dec. 26):

Decade ends in 0? Not really. A decade is a period of 10 years. I worked for over six decades or over 60 years. However, the time year can be divided into decades, of ten years each. Then we get into the silly “when it starts” argument. That is just a trick. Of course a person's birthday comes after one year of life. Who cares? A Decade is not a measure of birthdays. The new 2020 decade starts on day one not on day 365. It ends on the LAST day of the last ten year period. I have heard that false claim that a decade or century begins after one year. Note, it starts on the first day. When does a month like January begin? On the first day of the month. It does not matter that the month is just one day old. It is still January. How long is a generation? It has no exact length.

Charles Barnum



I look forward to reading the RN&R and doing so reminds me of the freedoms we enjoy in this country such as freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

I noticed with interest paid political “hit pieces” (e.g. RN&R, 12/12/19, 12/19/19, and 12/26/19) wherein the anonymous writer engages in furious, unsubstantiated diatribe against an organization known as Falun Gong. While providing no specifics, it took full-page ads in each instance with which to excoriate Falun Gong.

But there was no attribution. I have seen these ads, and their ilk, elsewhere. I believe they are paid for, either directly or indirectly, by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) the absolute monolithic ruler of China. There is no free press in China, nor individual rights, nor human rights, nor free speech, nor free elections, nor free assembly, nor freedom of religion, but rather it is the most repressive surveillance regime in modern history. The CCP brooks no hint of dissent which is why it attacks the peaceful, defenseless Falun Gong.

While we should be thankful we do not live in China under this totalitarian regime and while our robust freedom of press/speech rights cannot be compromised because there are none in China, I do think your readers are entitled to some idea as to where these ads are coming from. Requiring the entity writing and paying for these ads to identify themselves does not infringe, but rather serves to give the reader a reference point from which to evaluate the content.

In short, in America, publication of political ads by secret, anonymous groups such as those likely backed by the CCP should be required to identify themselves.

Tom Starrett


Caucus answer

Re “Caucus question” (Letters to the editor, Dec. 26):

Mr. Davis asks, “Why is the Democratic party holding the caucus on the Sabbath?” The in-person caucus date is Saturday, 22 Feb., which is not the usual Sabbath.

Mr. Davis asks, “Why can't we be as Wyoming, which provides for a caucus vote in absentia.” The Nevada caucus does provide an in absentia “Early Vote” option during various hours at various locations on Saturday, 15 Feb., through Tuesday, 18 Feb. “Early Vote” participants can record three to five preferences for the presidential nominee. The “Early Vote” preferences will be added to the preferences counted at the in-person caucus.

Mr. Davis and fellow Democrats can find their caucus details at: nvdems.com/2020-caucus.

Michael Greedy

Carson City

Melting Elk fan

Re “Live wires” (Musicbeat, Dec. 26):

Melting Elk has been on the local scene in Tahoe for a few years and have been expanding. Very creative, talented and dedicated East Coast transplants who have embraced the West with wild and spirited enthusiasm. Really cool vibe and energy, bound to explode with their introspective dialogue and collaboration of unique instruments and sounds. You def want to experience the cutting edge musical hip-hop/rap blend of Melting Elk. Dynamic evolution in progress. Buffalo-born “Father Baker”(FB) is a unique story in itself, including the FB name!

Robert Wright

Buffalo, New York