Letters for January 11, 2018

Title to women

Re “Leader” (15 Minutes, Jan. 4):

Let’s not forget that deep in English law, and then U.S. law, women and children were predominantly considered chattel, human property of their husbands or fathers, almost always without rights. Since not addressed in the U.S. Constitution, customarily the resultant situations and quandries fell to the states. A study of property/individual rights state by state is very instructive but too long for this space. Suffice it to say that Mississippi enacted the first Married Women’s Property Act in 1839, and the chronicle to obtain additional rights mirrors that of indentured servants, slaves and other unempowered groups for the next 180 years.

The concept that “all men are created equal” is still not gender/color/race neutral. Religious theories have been allowed to mix with civil law, despite a constitutional prohibition. Perhaps when we truly return history and civics to what is left of our public schools we will be able to have cogent conversations and leadership to craft law and policies that not only reflect the times, but enable each citizen to “secure the blessings of liberty” by actualizing their special potential.

Shayne del Cohen


It’s Trump’s fault

I’ve noticed with growing annoyance how paying with a credit or debit card is so much slower than cash. Customers too often swipe their card the wrong way, forget their pin number, fumble with the stylus to sign, dig for another card when the first one is declined, and wait for electronic approval of the transaction, if the connection is even working. I once pivoted impatiently on my heels for 15 minutes behind a man who kept trying different pin numbers in a futile attempt to remember. He never did. Another time, someone was flummoxed by the machine and handed the card to the clerk, who had to rotate the device around to her side and ask, “Ma’am, what is your pin number?” I swear, paying via card takes five times longer than cash. It’s especially irksome when the purchase is a small amount. Charging one item at the dollar store? Come on, people! Technology isn’t always the quicker way. Cash is faster!

April Pedersen


Trump vs. Mueller

Today I sent the a letter to five congressmen—Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, Andy Biggs and Matt Gaetz.

These House members are part of a cabal—secret political clique—to discredit and fire special counsel Robert Mueller, who took up the investigation into Russian meddling to influence our electoral process and to destroy democracy after FBI director James Comey was fired by the president. The president stated on national television to Lester Holt that he fired Mr. Comey because of the Russia investigation. Mr. Mueller is a highly respected prosecutor, who has worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations, a Marine Corp veteran and a Republican. His job is to uncover the truth and to aid in bringing any criminal activity related to the Russia probe to justice.

Lew Dawg Cloninger

Plantation, Florida

Consent matters

Re “Sexist climate” (news, Jan. 4):

Your little paper never disappoints. After reading your article, it seemed in some small way that you were concerned with improving the often hostile sexual climate that has existed for too long in too many casinos. Silly me. I immediately thought of your “Best of” poll that includes Best Strip Clubs. Thanks for the two faces of RN&R. You seem to be comfortable promoting both the continuing objectification of women and correcting sophomoric, inappropriate behavior of the wild, male beast.

Thom Waters



Re “Leader” (15 Minutes, Jan. 4):

We quoted former lieutenant governor Sue Wagner this way: “I think that hopefully this is a turning point where now women will not tolerate [sexual harassment].” The term she used was not “turning point.” It was “tipping point,” the error was made in transcribing the taped interview. We regret the mistake.