Letters for February 21, 2019

Pre-speech letter

It is Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. It is 10:24 am. Tonight is another of Trump’s farces that he calls a speech. He should do it live from the Apollo and see how it goes over!

Before his BS tonight (State of the Union) I find his inviting the David family to this event an insult to the memory of their parents and total lack of respect! But he’ll tell us we’re all in danger without the wall. Our only danger is him being on this side of the wall when it’s finished! We may be stuck with him for two more years, but how many years will it take our country to recover from his attempt at being a leader?

Our only hope of survival is if American voters wake up and get him out of office. It will be up to the Dems to get together and pull this off. No! GOP will go up against him. As an independent voter I have few choices. But I do have a vote!

Jerry Wallis


Write now

In the U.S. House of Representatives are HR 24, a bill to audit the Federal Reserve Bank, and HR 25, a bill to end the Internal Revenue Service.

Either, or both, should end the Federal Reserve and their debt and death monetary paradigm, and if we ever hope to achieve fiscal responsibility in this country, this needs to happen. Also in the house is HR 899, a bill to end the U.S. Department of Education and put the future of our children back into our hands, where it belongs. I encourage you to contact your representatives and ask them to support these bills, as I have.

William Jones

Carson City

Editor’s note: The measures Mr. Jones cited were introduced in the 2017-2019 Congress, which ended on Jan. 3.

Plutonium II

Re “Plutonium” (letter, Feb. 7):

Both letters use hyperbole and omit salient facts.

The plutonium will eventually be moved to Sandia in Los Alamos for weapons replenishment.Vegas U can keep partying.

The “not in my desert” letter is poignant, but glosses over or uses an emotional hook to negate rational arguments for a repository.

This, because waste’s long half-life and ’no means to reprocess’ arguments were effective at stopping more nuclear plants in the 80s, as were Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt. But now it is clear that clean nuclear could do a lot to alleviate global warming.

I have not seen conclusive proof that Yucca is prone to a catastrophic event. The test site is a logical choice, and containment is likely attainable until good reprocessing is perfected. Such hysteria over some dumb secret! Wave at the train, honey!

You’d think this was some new form of wagering unseen hereabouts.

Cliff Callahan

Sun Valley

Lobby collectively

Merriam Webster defines collective bargaining as “negotiation between an employer and a labor union usually on wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions.” Collective bargaining is the principal tool workers have for protecting themselves and their families against unfair or exploitive working conditions. Unions representation gives a unified voice for all working people by advocating for safer, healthier, workplaces and an overall higher quality of life—that is, unless you are an employee of the State of Nevada.

Since 1962, workers employed by the State of Nevada have been forbidden from collectively bargaining with the state. In Nevada, compensation and conditions of employment are determined statutorily by the legislature or established through administrative policy. A fundamental right that should be available to all workers has been taken away from many in Nevada. In 2019, we will have possibly the best opportunity to change this that we’ve seen since 1962. A bill will be put forward to allow collective bargaining for state employees. The time to push this through is now! Call, write, visit and lobby your assemblyperson and senator to get this done for our state employees.

Ryan Budman