Letters for February 21, 2008

Write my way
Re “Liberals are green with hypocrisy” (Know You’re Right, Feb. 14):

Yikes! The inclusion of Amanda Williams’ musings in this week’s RN&R was a bit scary. While she may be a bit “green” to this world, still residing in the fantasy realm that university life affords us, this article reminded me of the poorly thought out rants that often surfaced in the pages of my high school newspaper. If the RN&R can’t find a local intellectual of merit deserving of this space, perhaps it should look into reprinting an article found in one of its sister alternative weekly newspapers. That is, of course, if the problem of ill-conceived, amateur writing is not endemic to the conservative op-ed medium itself.

Justice Manha

Eat meat
Re “The Valentine’s Day diet” (Flash in the Pan, Feb. 14):

My personal experience with what Gary Taubes wrote about is that he is absolutely correct. It cannot be denied. I live it, and it works.

J. Brent Jones
Gainesville, Ga.

Editor’s note: Thanks. You’ll find this week’s cover story interesting. By the way, Flash in the Pan is our online only column for foodies.

<p. <b>Wide interest
Re “A shadow over campus” (News, Feb. 7):

I love your website! I have been able to accumulate more information vis-a-vis the Brianna Denison matter than all other news outfits combined; and yes, this includes Fox News. I do have a question for you inasmuch as I believe that I originally read it here, albeit, I could be mistaken. Do you know the source of the DNA that the police are linking the Denison matter with other crimes that have been committed in the area? Please, this information would be very, very helpful.

Paul Schilling
Marina del Rey, Calif.

Illegals are criminals
Re “Is ‘illegal’ a crime” (News, Feb. 7):

IMMIGRANT: a person who comes to a country legally to take up permanent residence.

ILLEGAL: not according to or authorized by law, not sanctioned by official rules.

When is the media going to stop giving illegals status by calling them immigrants? They are illegal.

The problem of illegals is caused (in Nevada) by casinos and businesses using their cheap labor. We have a work force of our own poor, high school, college student and our seniors who would like to work for a fair wage and live the American Dream. Because of greed and profit, the Hispanics are living the dream at our expense.

They overcrowd our schools—my grandson’s classes are 80 to 90 percent Hispanic—these are illegal children of illegal parents. Immigrants’ children are legal. They take advantage of social services, work, buy, rent—all of which they have no right to take.

If they have been here 10 minutes or 10 years, they are illegal and need to be deported.

More power to ICE, INS, Border Guards and a Border Wall, we need politicians who will act for the American people and take our country back.

J. Dull

Global catastrophes ahead
Re “Liberals are green with hypocrisy” (Know You’re Right, Feb. 14):

I don’t agree that global warming could be caused by something other than humans. Aside from that theory—which really has little to do with why the “liberal left” feels we need to be more conscious of our environment—the entire article is nothing more than hype about why this writer feels that liberals are fascist and ignorant.

What is so short-sighted, is how the writer ignored the other environmental and health concerns we are faced with, like declining animal populations or the increase in all cancers over the past 30 or more years. There are probably thousands of reasons why we should make it a priority to become more earth friendly.

The bottom line is that we let industry and governments create all these nasty molecules that never go away and keep accumulating. The negative impact we’ve had on our surroundings has been ignored for so long, we really have hard choices ahead of us. Because the obvious truth is that it’s only going to get worse if we don’t (1) change the way we exist (which is easier than it sounds) and (2) find a way to clean up the mess we’ve made.

And theoretically, who’s to say we’re not also causing the problems on other planets. Maybe our pollution drifted into space and is having negative effects on those atmospheres. Who knows?

As for you wanting nicer weather, try moving. I think this statement shows exactly who you are.

Kathryn Whitman

Dirty minds
Re “We like it raw” (News, Feb. 14):

Fascinating to know what the people all around me are thinking about, but the sentences are heavy with stats and numbers—it’s like you’ve got to remember a new school locker combination with every sentence. I’m the dumbest guy I know, so don’t worry too much about my opinion. You got the most important thing correct: I do like it raw.

Booker Little