Letters for February 2, 2017

Just wow

Re “Russian agent in the White House?” (Let Freedom Ring, Jan. 5):

Wow! Just wow! With a reporter like you, and those that cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, there is no wonder how we ended up with the likes of Trump as our next, forgive me, president. Maybe you should have served in office during the Obama Administration so we could have all been told of such stories, before the end of his service. You’re an idiot!

Melynda Mall


Life experience

Weeks after my daughter entered the world, I became sick. Because I had insurance, I didn’t hesitate to go to urgent care and ultimately found my way to an oncology office, where I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and told I’d likely need a bone marrow transplant. What followed over the coming months was solid medical treatment consisting of prophylactic drugs for my malfunctioning immune system and blood transfusions to keep me alive. The Affordable Care Act was there when I needed new prescriptions.

I recognize it has problems. But it made it easy for me to seek quality, low-cost care when I needed it. When I couldn’t work, the subsidies kicked in to lower my premiums. So before you get rid of the ACA without having an alternative in place, think of me. Think of what a guy who just happens to have a medical condition and a family to support. … We should all seek to retain and improve the ACA, not to destroy it.

Jeff Benson


Sex work

Re “Liberal feminists conspire with social conservatives” (Let Freedom ring, Jan. 26):

This column inaccurately stated a fact concerning sex trafficking—that the average age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years old. That is, most currently involved in prostitution, legal or illegal, were introduced into prostitution, legal or illegal, between the ages of 12-14 years old. Additionally, legalized prostitution increases sex trafficking (see “Theory versus reality: Commentary on four articles about trafficking for prostitution” by Melissa Farley).

Suppliers of commercial sex acts can’t meet the demand with willing prostitutes because most women don’t want to sell their bodies to strangers, so there is more incentive to force mostly vulnerable women and children to engage in “sex work.” The majority of prostitutes, legal and illegal, come to the “profession” with a history of childhood sexual abuse and trauma. Does Trainor care that, in most cases, a woman’s desire to prostitute herself was born out of traumatic sexual assault and degradation? Though Trainor is horrified at the supposed attack on one’s “right” to engage in sex acts with someone who likely is doing so under extreme duress or coercion, I am more horrified by his support for the practice. In this case, restrictions will produce greater human flourishing for all involved.

Michael Cox


Show us

You should call on Adam Laxalt, and other Republican attorneys general, to do an investigation of the three to five million illegals who voted for Hillary Clinton as claimed by Trump.

Laxalt should use this opportunity to gain favor with the Trump administration by being the first to lead the way and start the investigation ahead of a federal investigation. With three to five million illegal votes across the country as stated by Trump over and over again, it shouldn’t be difficult for Laxalt to find evidence of wrongdoings in the Nevada election process. When other Republican attorneys general went after Obama for what they perceived as wrong policies, Laxalt was ready and willing to sign on to their efforts. I think it is time for Laxalt to show he can be a leader in the GOP and start the charge.

Dewey Quong