Letters for February 19, 2004

Anti-gay propaganda
Re “Equal marriage rights for gays” [RN&R, Letters, Feb. 5]:

I am deeply concerned that people like Darryl Hoenshell don’t bother to research the real hidden agendas of groups like the Traditional Values Coalition before making inflammatory statements and untrue claims. The TVC has long published anti-gay rhetoric and supported anti-gay extremists. Their hatred of gays is legendary. I have no clue why any intelligent human being would believe anything they had to say, much less quote it! People have the right to think as they want but the responsibility to seek-out the truth. The real definition of family is a group of people who love you and care about you.

Pamela Howard
via e-mail

Bad war
I am disturbed to conclude now that the war in Iraq had no justification that would cause this great nation to rush to war. This war turns out to be a diversion from the War on Terrorism, and one that could have been fought by an international coalition. The Iraq War could have been fought like the previous Gulf War with an international coalition that brought the international community together rather than divided them. I am very disappointed in the President, his advisors and Congress for not providing the oversight they were bound constitutionally to provide. As a news provider, it falls on you to hold our leaders accountable. Please don’t let your role in this democracy fail, too.

Tom Collins
via e-mail

Natives deserve constitutional rights
Re “Free speech for Patty” [RN&R, News, Feb. 12]:

What an excellent story the RN&R did concerning tribal courts and the battle that some Indian people have to go through with regard to the Patty Hicks libel case.

We Indian people should have the same protection and the same rights that other U.S. citizens have: the right to petition our government; the right to air our grievances; the right of free speech; the right for the public to know what our government is doing and how it spends our taxpayers’ federal funding.

This case is a prime example of what happens when governments go wrong. Instead of trying to help the Indian people and answer questions that the people wanted to know, this government tried to quell dissent and whistle blowing.

Your article exposed how we Indian people are treated when we want answers to questions. Tribal governmental officials never comment on how funds are being spent or how tribal programs are going. They hide behind closed doors or never return phone calls when asked about tribal affairs. Millions of dollars are funneled into the tribe and yet we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. Those on top are getting the lion’s share, and the tribe is riddled with cronyism and nepotism, while the average Indian goes without.

Currently, there is an ongoing investigation about how some tribal officials are ignoring misuse of funds, instead deciding to criminally prosecute a 60-year-old great-grandmother for slander. Her only crime was asking why this was not being corrected.

Traditionally, in our Indian culture, we were taught to respect our Indian elders. However this current administration seems to have forgotten how to treat our honored elders. We should listen to them when they try to show us the right path, not imprison them to shut them up.

Rick Sanchez
Roseville, Calif.

Reno should play ball
Re “Play ball” [RN&R, Cover story, Feb. 5]:

I liked your article on the baseball stadium. This is a topic that hasn’t received much press. As an avid sports fan and a lover of Reno and its past, I appreciated the story. I believe it is totally correct to say there are better locations for the ball park.

Unfortuately, no one in Reno would step up and do something positive regarding a ballpark. It’s the same reason that Reno doesn’t have more attractions downtown, i.e. an amusement park or casinos with all the bells and whistles. It’s too bad someone with financial clout, like Carano, won’t step forward. Reno had such great leadership at one time with George Wingfield, Pappy Smith and Bill Harrah. Now we have no one.

If the ballfield is to be located in Sparks, Bruce Breslow and C.J. Jones and their people are to be congratulated for their efforts.

Jim Malone