Letters for February 17, 2005

Preserve old Reno
Re “Down in the trench” (RN&R, Cover story, Jan. 27):

Good article about ReTRAC. Now I see that the virtual image I created, of Harrah’s Plaza being extended across the railroad trench all the way to the new Ballroom and “Downtown Convention Center” with El Dorado on one side and the International Bowling Stadium on the other, was not quite correct. Harold’s Parking Garage will be a part of the parcel.

Harold’s Parking Garage is a historic building, indeed. And I am glad to see it granted that status. As it is recognized, it must also be recognized by its proper name. It is Harold’s Parking Garage.

Harold’s Parking Garage was built astride the tracks and occupying air space which was leased from Southern Pacific Railroad, while Pappy Smith was still at the helm, before the Las Vegas corporation took over Harold’s Club and installed the casino mind-set that brought on the new Reno image, which is becoming reality.

Beth Miramon

Remembering Bill
Re “Bush’s inauguration illustrates Dems’ selective memory” (RN&R, Right Hook, Feb. 3):

When Mike Lafferty wants to bring up the price tag of President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration, let’s remember a few things:

1). By 1997, we had a budget surplus.

2). Our standard of living was high and improving.

3). President Clinton had successfully dealt with an unsuccessful Al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center.

Now, let’s look at President Bush’s first term:

1). The legitimacy of him winning the 2000 election is questionable at best.

2). We lost the World Trade Center to a successful attack by Al Qaeda, after his administration cut funding for security measures against Al Qaeda.

3). His administration has run up a record deficit.

4). We’ve lost more than a thousand troops, and been reviled for mistreating prisoners of war in an operation to seize nonexistent WMDs.

It seems Lafferty’s memory is selective as to who deserves a party.

Kevin Johnson
via e-mail

It does, a bit
Re “Social Security reform: truth or trash?” (RN&R, View from the Fray, Feb. 10):

It seems ironic that President Bush places his faith in the stock market to rescue the Social Security system, a system that was born to serve as a safety net for catching the unfortunate victims of the market’s upredictible mood swings.

Carl Sharp

Invest in people
Re “Lucky Larry’s state budget surplus” (RN&R, View from the Fray, Feb. 3):

As revealed in Gov. Guinn’s State of the State address, Nevada is fiscally sound due to a prospering economy and prudent tax legislation in the previous biennium. In fact, we have a surplus of more than $300 million. Meanwhile, Washington, D.C., is running up massive deficits while seeking ways to curtail domestic programs and to pass the costs of programs back to the states. Nevadans should not be dazzled by the good times, for ours is a mercurial economy. It is imperative that we oppose the Bush domestic-program cuts, which, over the long haul, will have devastating effects on Nevada’s own budget. Equally important, we would be wise to decline Gov. Guinn’s proposed rebate of up to $300 per registered vehicle and invest the surplus where it is most needed: in Nevada’s woefully inadequate health and human services programs.

James Cavanaugh

Van Dyke Livingston Seagull
Re “Bruce’s Top Ten” (RN&R, Notes from neon Babylon, Jan. 20):

I have been reading you in the RN&R for a good while now.

I so connected with you when you were sharing about your Dad. Before and after. My Mom died Jan. 10, 2003.

I never listened to the X that I know of. I channel surf all the time and may have landed there from time to time and hung out for a while, but not at or close to the butt-crack of dawn.

Let’s talk about your Top Ten list [of reasons for leaving the job at KTHX].

I hope so deeply that No. 10 is not even close to the truth [that Bruce has brain cancer. By the way, it’s not true]. But if it is true, I’m very sorry.

I hope that No. 5 is true [that Bruce is preparing an art car for Burning Man]. How great to be financially comfortable enough to just say, “Hey, got to go work on my burn project. See ya later.” I hope that’s it. If it is true, can you share the progress in your column from time to time? And I’ll look for you in the city this year.

via e-mail

Re “Chocoholics unanimous” (RN&R, Arts & Culture, Feb. 10):The following words were omitted from the end of the last week’s story “Chocoholics unanimous:”

… from all our sweet devouring, Danielle said to me, "Can we go home and eat some vegetables? Please? I’m serious."