Letters for February 16, 2017

Heller no

Sen. Dean Heller has supported 100 percent of the President’s agenda since he has taken office. Nevada is no longer a “Red” state. He owes it to his voting constituents to listen to their concerns and act accordingly regardless of party affiliation.

Sen. Heller’s unwavering support of unqualified, inexperienced and dangerous prospective cabinet appointees like Senator Sessions and Betsy DeVos will result in irreparable damage to our country. By ignoring the will of the people he is building a deficit that will eventually come due. When it does, all the big money on God’s green earth will not help him. If he cannot acknowledge and support legitimate objections to legislation that harms the people of Nevada such as the Stream Protection Rule we will work to support someone who listens to the people of Nevada.

William Fraser


Trump yes

I realize everyone has a right to their opinion, and it is my view that I am becoming quite sick of people trashing President Trump, when they should be thanking him for even wanting to take up the unbelievably arduous job of reducing the size of D.C.’s bloated bureaucracy!

Trump does not need the money, or the enormous added stress, or the fantastic amount of insults, and scrutiny thrown at him constantly. The fact is that Washington D.C. has become way too top heavy! Thanks to years of all so-called self-enriching, career-politicians, and political dynasties, followed by two terms of an arrogant president, whose arguably failed policies, and whose genuine interests in America were ’questionable’ at best, not to mention countless failed trade deals, dangerously porous borders, endless wars, and a reckless foreign policy.

The federal government has become hugely in debt, and at the same time, has grown severely lopsided. Now, sadly, it is representative mostly of its ever-growing party of political elites, and not (we) the people, that it was originally designed to serve. Are people truly happy with the fact the some of the richest zip codes in our country now surround our nation’s capital? How about the hundreds of billions of dollars a year currently being wasted on completely unnecessary federal positions, programs, committees and studies? Did you ever stop to think about where almost 10 trillion dollars has gone in eight years?

So come on, America! Let’s give it up with all this protesting, fake news, and “the sky is falling” rhetoric, and try to come together to give this legally elected new President, a chance!

Joseph David


Trump no

All right, class. Please pick up your no. 2 lead pencils. You’ll have 15 minutes to answer the following yes or no questions—starting now.

1. Is Donald Trump the type of person who might say “torture is good, torture works”?

2. Is Donald Trump the type of person that would perceive any negative media attention toward him as “false news”?

3. Should we, as a country, be very apprehensive for the next 4 years?

4. Is Donald Trump the type of person who will never allow the general public to see his tax returns due to a perpetual audit?

5. Is Donald Trump the type of person who would oddly feel a certain simpatico with a ruthless thug named Putin, but be willing to sever ties with Mexico?

6. Is Donald Trump the type of person who might be likely to spend millions on a probe regarding nonexistent voter fraud?

7. Is Donald Trump the type of person who might obsess about Inauguration Day crowd size?

8. Does Donald Trump suffer from a severe case of Islamophobia?

9. Is Donald Trump egomaniacal, delusional and almost certainly a wannabe dictator?

Time’s up, class. Please put your pencils down. If you answered yes to all the questions you’ve scored 100 percent. Congratulations! You’re very astute!

Mark Murray