Letters for February 13, 2003

Don’t neglect big women
Re “Haute couture Reno style” [RN&R, Art of the state, Jan. 9]:

I have a few things to say regarding the article on Roxanne Jitomir. I have seen her line of clothing at Venus Envy, and I love what she does. I do, however, have one question: are fat girls not allowed to look “original and daring” or wear her “tattered opulence?” Everything she makes is for skinny girls. I have always had my own style and would love to support a woman who does, too. Unfortunately, my waistline does not allow me to do so. I’ve only been big since having children, and I am shocked to see the prejudice the fashion world has towards non-skinnies. Not all big girls want to wear a mu’umu’u or shop at Lane Bryant.

Jessica Hoover
via e-mail

Help the helpless
Re “Lives in the balance” [RN&R, Cover, Jan. 2]:

On behalf of the Nevada Empowered Women’s Project, I am writing to express our strong support for Gov. Kenny Guinn’s courageous effort to provide a stable and fair tax base for our state. As fierce advocates for low-income families, the NEW Project applauds the governor’s call for increasing state revenues.

Eliminating health insurance for 25,000 needy children in our state and reducing services for senior citizens and the mentally ill will be disastrous for our state. Further cuts in education spending will deny our children the quality education they deserve. Yet, these ills and much more will befall our state’s residents if we don’t act during this legislative session to increase taxes.

Brenda Carerra
via e-mail

Run free, little kitty
Re “Unsympathetic reader” [RN&R, Letters, Jan. 30]:

I was outraged reading Brenda Harding’s ugly letter in which she equated outdoor pets with irresponsibility. I lost my Mallie two weeks before Christmas. He eagerly waited by the front door every morning to start his adventures. He returned home, like clockwork, every afternoon. One day he did not return.

Mallie adored being outside, chasing, climbing and exploring. If I kept him inside, he would claw at me, go to the door, meow loudly and express his discontent.

It was a difficult decision to let him outdoors, but his kitty spirit wanted the freedom. How dare this woman accuse me of not caring about my Mallie. It is because I cared so much that I made the ultimate decision for his happiness, ultimately at the cost of mine.

Patty Lee

All’s fair in drugs and war
Re “Leaving Nevada” [RN&R, News, Jan. 30]:

I’m writing to thank you for covering the Free State Project, a Libertarian project to achieve liberty in our lifetimes.

For those who live in caves and don’t know what a Libertarian is, a Libertarian believes in a small, efficient federal government that strictly abides by the Bill of Rights. The Libertarian Party believes in ending the terrible War on Drugs and abolishing, or at least severely cutting, the income tax.

Howard Knudsen
via e-mail

I’ll do my part
Re “State of emergency” [RN&R, View from the fray, Jan. 23]:

Kudos to Deidre Pike on an excellent column about Gov. Kenny Guinn’s State of the State address. Pike concisely and correctly points out that we need more than a $980 million tax increase to properly fund education and children’s health care.

Per pupil funding in Nevada is $1,100 below the national average. Is anyone really surprised that our students are below the national average in reading, math and science? Health care in Nevada is also significantly under funded. We have one of the highest rates of uninsured children in the nation. Approximately 25 percent of our children lack health insurance, while the national average is 15 percent.

It’s time we started “adequately” funding education and health care—which means raising taxes. I have no children of my own, but I’m willing to do my part to help others.

T. Haydn Bertelson

Pre-cogs at the RN&R
Re “The Last Days of Roland & Cid” [RN&R, Jan. 30]:

I just noticed that your last “The Last Days of Roland & Cid” cartoon was a bit too prophetic.

Rubicon Crossfield
Carson City