Letters for December 4, 2014

Hansen shouldn’t quit

Re “On paper” (News, Nov. 20):

May Ira Hansen defeat the attempts to force him from the 2015 Speakership.

He has committed no crime, rather uncommonly has told all who care to read or listen what are his values and sincere beliefs.

For too long personal slurs, bias and propaganda have degraded the American ideal of legal and Constitutional protections for freedom of speech, practice of religion, to petition, association, innocent-until-proven-guilty and against double jeopardy. Hansen is being hounded for what he thinks, not for what he has done. He is being prejudged rather than given credit for what he has said he will do as Speaker or has done as a legislator.

His constituents knew his character well and chose to re-elect him. Silencing those voices and others throughout Nevada who might be in agreement with them is tyrannical. Not long ago, people could express differing opinions openly. Subsequent debate was enlightening. Too many politicians now hide their true opinions and work deviously to impose law and policy on an unhappy citizenry.

Without comment on any of Hansen’s beliefs, his fight is worthy. If he prevails, it will be a blow against intimidation and thought control.

Gary Duff


Still thinking

Re “Life and how to live it” (Left Foot Forward, Nov. 26):

Well written and gracious, as usual. Sheila Leslie is much more a Nevadan than a partisan. I know that I’m not alone in wishing she would run for office again. Her resume reflects a life spent in service to others, and she has the depth of experience voters might look for in a candidate for governor. Just a thought!

C.G. Green


Support homophobia

Re “On paper” (News, Nov. 20):

Homosexual research done by homosexuals is in line with the man’s statements. It aligns with Hepatitis A and their other diseases, which is never in the media. The writer has an uninformed opinion: extremely bigoted.

Frank Stankey

Eugene, Oregon

We second that

Re “On paper” (News, Nov. 20):

Nevada needs more reporters like Dennis Myers: smart, committed and hardworking. This is hardly the first time his reporting has made major contributions to the state, but this time he saved us from national embarrassment.

Patrick Gaffey

Las Vegas

Death penalty defense

The issues in Ferguson are not about race relations or police procedures, but rather about Mike Brown’s poor decisions last August.

Most of us are parent-taught at an early age the difference between making good versus poor decisions. Brown obviously never received that training.

Brown awoke that fateful morning and created his own “perfect storm” of poor decisions: Robbing a business and battery upon the clerk; ignoring lawful commands from a police officer; unprovoked attack on said officer; fleeing from the officer; then finally turning and rushing the officer. Brown’s poor decisions determined his own fate, not his race nor any law enforcement procedures.

If there are lessons: Our daily poor decisions may affect our ability to live another day. And parents, train your children to make good decisions, train them of consequences for poor decisions, and train them to follow the lawful commands of law enforcement!

My thoughts go out to the many honest and hardworking residents of Ferguson, whose community continues to be shattered by thoughtless thugs, beginning with Mike Brown’s poor decisions last August.

John Truesdell


Guns for everyone!

It’s tragic many businesses got looted in Ferguson, Missouri. I do not want to hear any whining from the shop owners, however. Anybody who didn’t see this coming and owned a business there was pretty blind. In this country, you have the right to defend your property with firearms. Shame on the NRA for not going in there and offering arms to these businesspeople and shame on these owners who let their lives be destroyed by a bunch of deadbeat thugs. If the liberal governor is going to play politics and wait a day after the riot to send in National Guard troops, then people have to exercise their own constitutional rights. … Evidently, many of these deadbeats are not very thankful this holiday season for the people who take risks, run a business and pay taxes that make it possible for them to stay home all day and collect their welfare checks. The results of these types of incidents all evolve from our country being a nanny state.

Mike Arp


Stoner school

Re “Legalize marijuana for recreational use” (Let Freedom Ring, Nov. 27):

In Colorado, sales of retail marijuana have reaped about $18.9 million in state taxes from January through June. Crime is down. Housing prices up. Unemployment down. Sales tax revenue up. And we’re spending less time on incarcerating fellow Americans for pot in their pockets and more time creating jobs. Start smart: join us at the Marijuana Business Academy. If you dare. Let’s be very clear: MJ is “legal” in Florida already and has been for 23 years. Don’t believe the hype. Read. Learn. Know. Don’t fall for the lobbyist trap. Take your American liberties or they will never be yours to hold.

KC Stark

Colorado Springs

Free speech

To swear or not to swear? Walking along the Riverwalk, a man was filming the Truckee. When I walked around him, he was using the “F” word speaking to a friend. My response was, “Hey don’t use those words.” His response was “F you.” Is this really who we are as a culture? We are so casual that we think nothing of speaking that way to a complete stranger? When walking along bumping into someone, you say, “Excuse me.” They never respond, and instead look at you as if there is something wrong with you saying excuse me.

Sitting in the Quizno’s on West McCarran on Saturday, three young men, one young girl, college age, sat behind a friend of mine and I, swearing nonstop. Why would this young woman sit there, and not ask them to stop? Or is it that she would be shunned for being a better person? We need to look at these basic things, and make changes. After Ferguson, Missouri, there seems to always be an excuse for acting out, instead of taking the higher road and being the better person. Rather than having respect for your elders, authorities or anyone who you are offending. Are we moving backwards?

Cynthia Morgan