Letters for December 28, 2000

A call for Sparks citizen involvement

Re “The Agony of Defeat” (RN&R News, Nov. 16):

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Sparks for their participation in the election on Nov. 7. The turnout was tremendous.

The defeat of Sparks’ public safety questions, S-1 and S-2, was a clear message to the city’s elected officials that we must tighten our belts, thus becoming a leaner government. In the upcoming budget process, the City Council will continue developing its strategic plan, which will evaluate city services and research operating efficiencies.

I encourage all Sparks residents to become involved in the upcoming budget process, either directly or through their elected officials, to create a workable city budget. Share with your elected officials your ideas for creative change, cost-cutting measures, whatever. We will focus on every city service in terms of what the community needs and the cost to supply it. Now, more than ever, our citizens’ opinions are necessary to bring changes to our community.

As the year 2001 begins, the Nevada Legislature will be in session considering reapportionment, which may change the way Northern Nevada governs itself. The ability to control sales taxes, property taxes and impact fees by our local governments is at stake. Your elected officials will need your help during this upcoming session for the ability to direct our financial future.

Our citizens have spoken at the voter’s booth, and we ask them to stay involved in order to shape our city’s future.

Mayor Tony Armstrong Sparks

Thanks for the billboard coverage

Thanks for giving such good coverage to Citizens for a Scenic Reno’s billboard referendum. It’s wonderful that your alternative press exists to counterbalance the established press.

We’re so proud of everyone out there for passing this important measure!

Meg Maguire Scenic America

The media is to blame

Re “The Voters Lose” (RN&R Editor’s Note, Dec. 7):

Jimmy Boegle, you’re right about the power establishment shoving the anointed few down our throats, but I can’t believe what you failed to mention.

You failed to mention that incumbents, in general, win 99 percent of the time because of their power, money and media attention—and that term limits can effectively eliminate this corruption.

You failed to mention that the two-party system is a failure, that the present electoral system criteria essentially excludes other political candidates from participating and that campaign finance reform would help level the playing field.

You failed to mention that independent voters can determine the outcome of any election. When we are inspired (and informed), independent voters will stand together and abandon the two parties with surprising results (Perot, Ventura, etc.).

More importantly, you didn’t mention (or maybe you just don’t get it) that the MEDIA is as much to blame for any of our political problems as anyone or anything. I expect objective, professional journalists to expose the unfairness and corruption. I expect journalists to snub sensationalism and embrace substance. I expect journalists to see through the hype/fluff/spin and hammer on the issues. I expect journalists to stand up to the “power” and let us hear from the third party candidates, the intellectuals and the “people"—not the lawyers and partisan spinners. I expect journalists or journalistic entities to be totally objective/neutral.

When the media fails at open, objective journalism, then the public believes that the media is controlled by the money, power and corruption as much as our political system is.

David Peters Fallon

Another damn KTHX letter

Re “Public ‘X’ forum?” (RN&R Letters, Dec. 14):

After I first moved to Reno, I soon discovered “The X” on the radio dial. We quickly became friends as it introduced me to the local scene, a diverse and obscure playlist and authentic DJs. In turn, I proudly introduced KTHX to all the people I could.

Now I’m sickened and saddened by the transformation of “The X.” It reminds me of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and “The X” is Jack Nicholson’s character. It seems Nextmedia has performed a lobotomy on my old friend, and I can’t find the pillow to smother it and end the suffering.

P.S. Digital satellite radio will save us all!

Trace Stiegman Reno