Letters for December 27, 2018

Trash letter

Re “Trash talk” (Editor’s note, Dec. 13):

I agree with your conclusion that we can do more here in Reno to combat litter. Reno is well known as a dumpy little city, but we needn’t continue with that legacy. …

You should write a story about this issue. When I first moved here to attend the University, I had a pleasant meeting with some Boise State fans who were in town for a ball game. When I mentioned that I had never been to Boise, and asked what it was like, a very nice lady from the group forthrightly responded with, “Oh it is much like Reno, only cleaner.” She meant no insult but was just conveying her honest assessment.

It would be a good article to get each of the Council members for Reno and Sparks, along with the County Commissioners on the record stating what they think can be done to clean this town up and so we can finally end our legacy as a dumpy little town. I think that the first step should be to stop comparing Reno to Vegas. Vegas is a sewer. Instead, start comparing our town to the finest cities in the world and set policies in place to match that much higher standard of beauty and cleanliness.

By the way, Reno is not the dirtiest town where I have lived. Columbo, Sri Lanka is the worst, so far. There are many others. In the USA, New Orleans, New York and Washington D.C. are far filthier than Reno. However, a town of this size should sparkle and truly be a gem of the West, instead of being a smaller version of Vegas. Reno could be among the prettiest cities on Earth, but instead our leadership is perpetually stuck on, “Well, at least we’re not Vegas” as their perpetual excuse.

J. Tyler Ballance


Award letter

Congratulations on your numerous awards from the Nevada Press Association contest. These awards are well deserved and recognize the quality journalism your staff produces for Nevada readers every week. Receiving the first place award in the Best Urban Weekly Newspaper category is an incredible achievement, as are your other wins in numerous categories, including recognition for Best Local Column and Best Editorial Writing.

Reno News and Review is an important resource for Nevadans, and the work you do has not gone unrecognized. I look forward to seeing more award winning journalism in the future.

Catherine Cortez Masto

Washington, D.C.


For more than three years we have seen how the media—press, radio, television, etc.—has been giving free publicity to the candidate and now president, repeating his name and surname constantly. The free advertising provided during the election campaign is valued in more than $2,000,000,000.00.

The president accuses the media in the blatant, insulting and aggressive manner of being the number one enemies of the American people. The aggression in the media is increasing, reaching extreme situations, such as not allowing the presence or even expelling journalists from their press conferences or presentations of their Fake Reality. This fanfare is extremely harmful to journalists in the United States and the world. Perhaps we could relate to the horrible attack the press suffered in Annapolis, Maryland with five fatalities.

Attacks on the press are a cruel attack on the Constitution, freedom of expression, and the right of every citizen to be well informed. The damage that is being done to the country in general and the press in particular must stop immediately and definitively. If the Republicans do not do it and the Democrats cannot, perhaps the journalists themselves should do it. The media should boycott the presidents’ name with absolute silence to everything he says, writes or does. In cases where there is no other choice, they can use alternatives such as president, the executive, the administration, etc.

Maybe it is not my place, but it would be advisable that the media pay more attention to the people, to the underpaid workers, to the families who cannot afford medical insurance, cannot pay their rent, take their children on vacation or sent them to university.

Please, for the sake of our democracy, of our country, for our families and future generations, let us all join in the boycott. Do not repeat the name or surname of the president. Please, no more publicity to the president.

Angel Luis Ponce de Leon

Lake Worth, Florida