Letters for December 21, 2017

Trump I

Trump apparently stated earlier this year that the Russia investigation was like a cloud hanging over his administration. Well, that cloud is now producing thunder and lightning in the form of indictments and guilty pleas. It will only intensify from here. Rule of law-loving Americans should prepare for what comes next, an inevitable effort by the president to fire Mueller and put an end to the Russia investigation.

I believe in Mueller, but I do not depend on him to protect our democracy. That is my job as an American citizen. If Trump tries to fire Mueller, I’m hitting the streets with peaceful protest. The Russia investigation must be protected, the truth must come to light, and justice must be done.

David Flynt


Trump II

Hey, Trump voters. I suppose you really think this tax scam the Republicans are working on is going to help you. If you have been listening, their aim is to eliminate the inheritance tax, the alternative minimum tax, and reduce the upper tax bracket as well as the corporate tax rate. Now, remember you hate deficit spending—or so you say. This measure will add 1.5 trillion to the debt. Huh! To do this you either cut spending or borrow.

So when the United States is broke, you same pikers will try to cut Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, ag subsidies, disaster relief, all programs that help Americans. This huge tax cut will only benefit the multinationals and mega-wealthy who apparently are not wealthy enough. Is America ready to return to the middle ages and fiefdoms? Pick your lord—Bezos, Koch, Ivanka, Murdoch, Putin.

Don McKechnie


Trump III

Hats off to Bruce Van Dyke. For over a year he has penned a weekly column focusing on America’s #1 Embarrassment: Donald Trump. An amazing feat. If we all had Mr. Van Dyke’s laser focus and keen abilities, we would have a president of whom we all could be proud. Please don’t flag as I’m looking forward to another similar year of effort.

And kudos also to Sheila Leslie for her consistently excellent columns. Ms. Leslie: Please consider returning to public service. We need you to represent us again.

Richard T. Bissett


Hot water

I’m a constant/frequent devotee of Sierra Hot Springs (SHS), just east of Sierraville in Sierra County. I live in Truckee and I try to get to SHS at least twice a week throughout the year.

Earlier this fall the County of Sierra spent who knows how many tens of thousand of dollars of tax money to redo the dirt road into SHS. The crews spent weeks tearing up and grading the old dirt road surface and then laying down and compacting hundreds—maybe thousands—of tons of new gravel and dirt.

As a retired civil engineer I watched in laughing disgust at that pathetic effort knowing full well that in short order cars traveling over that new surface that lacks any bonding agents would engender ripples—much like those in a stream bed—and that those ripples (aka washboard effect) would start unraveling the new materials laid down and potholes would develop rapidly. Well, I was right and now that new road is as bad as the old road, rife with tire-popping, suspension-breaking potholes!!

If I was a taxpaying resident of Sierra County I’d be livid and asking a lot of questions as to what fools wasted tax dollars in such a ridiculous manner.

Charles Greenleaf, PhD



Re “Under the influences” (Music, Dec. 14):

Due to an editing error, we reported that the band Dainesly’s album, Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory, is slated for release in February 2018. It was released in February 2017.