Letters for December 15, 2016

Good ol’ Bruce

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your [Nov. 17 edition], including the staffers’ post-election comments and the holiday stories—thankfully minus the sucre—because they both expressed personal sentiments.

I was also especially glad that Bruce shared the NationalPopularVote website since I have never understood or agreed with the seemingly patriarchal Electoral College system and was wondering what positive action I could take.

This type of writing and information is why I read the RN&R faithfully every week.

Teresa Martin


Or, 60.2 voted against Lincoln

Re “Lincoln got 39.8 percent” (letters, Nov. 24):

I’m a staunch believer in the First Amendment, but I am sick and tired of people trying to make a reasonable argument with illogical statistics and unbridled emotions. Statistics were not my best subject, but it’s pretty simple to figure this out.

By Mr. Douglas’ own reasoning all of the votes cast for third party candidates would also be a vote against Trump, not just against Clinton. So yes, Clinton did win the popular vote in an apples-apples comparison. Another false premise, on the Electoral College being the only thing keeping two states from controlling the entire country, only if everyone in those states voted for the same candidate. In the divisive landscape that is politics in this country, that’s just not going to happen.

I’d love to hear a rational discussion about the Electoral College, but I haven’t heard one yet—mostly rhetoric, unsupported accusations and some blatant untruths.

Marcial Reiley


Seven decade grudge

Re “Civil society,” RN&R (Dec. 1):

I would have more respect for the ACLU if they hadn’t signed off on FDR’s executive order that shipped 85,000 U.S.-born citizens and their aging parents to concentration camps and created the world’s first prison for children—a four-hour drive from Reno. Today, the organization claims credit for fighting for the rights of Japanese Americans, when in actuality, the national organization censured the one chapter which worked on behalf of the prisoners. This started a rift between the Northern California chapter and the national organization which lasted well into the 1980s (long after the formation of the Reno chapter). Even Norman Thomas, one of the founders of the ACLU, condemned the group for its refusal to go against FDR.

The Nevada ACLU makes claims which are questionable: “We do advocate for a person’s right to own a gun under the Nevada Constitution.” I can’t think of anything that they have done to prove this. We need a strong organization to fight for the rights of individuals, as the ACLU claims to be. I wish that the facts matched the claims.

Keith Wood


Editor’s note: At the 2009 Nevada Legislature, the ACLU of Nevada opposed Assembly Bill 46, which would have threatened due process for firearms owners. The testimony of ACLU lobbyist Rebecca Gasca before the Assembly Judiciary Committee can be read at www.aclunv.org/files/ACLU%20testimony%20on%20AB%2046.pdf. Other information on the group and its stances on guns can also be found on its website.

Bad ol’ Bruce

Bruce needs a new schtick. Is he going to continue his incessant whiningf or the next four years? Is he going to continue disparaging those with different viewpoints just because his corrupt candidate lost?

Give us a break. It’s time for Bruce to take a long vacation.

Stephen Bloyd

Carson City