Letters for December 13, 2001

Muslim woman on a skateboard? Ugh
Re “Muslim Women” [RN&R, Dec. 6]:

I am embarrassed by your lack of understanding. We are at war with the people that believe in the Muslim religion. Do you really think it is tasteful putting a story out promoting these religious followers? You talk about it like it is cool. Why don’t you walk around all day in that outfit. Also, you’d have to be subserviant, obeying every word, possibly having your clitoris cut out. Either way you will be looked at and treated like an item. So if you really wish for this to happen to more women, keep supporting and leading others to this religion.

You have to be aware of the fact that you put a Muslim woman in red, white and blue on the cover. What the hell does that mean? I don’t think that Muslims are good people. They follow a religion that believes in killing white men, and I am a white man.One last thing: Why the hell did you have to put her on a skateboard? She doesn’t skate; I do. So now Americanized Muslim women are somehow connected to skating? You people should really pull your heads out of the left and find reality.

Paul Morrison
via e-mail

We don’t need no new stinkin’ billboards
What part of “no” do they not understand?

Last year, Reno citizens spoke with a loud, clear voice that they wanted “no new billboards” in Reno. Ballot question R-1 passed by a sizable margin.

As they consider enacting the ordinance one year later, some Reno City Council members say, “The people of Reno didn’t understand what they were voting for.”

At their Dec. 18 meeting, the council will consider an ordinance relocating billboards to other areas of the city, rather than following the will of the voters.

The worst part of the proposed new ordinance calls for the relocation of 10 existing billboards to new locations based on an annual per company basis. This could translate into as many as 50 billboards moved to new areas of town.

Do you, as concerned Reno citizens, want new billboard blight in your neighborhood? The Citizens for Scenic Northern Nevada adopted the following position: “A new off-premises advertising display billboard is in a location where there was not one before, one that is of greater size than the one previously in existence or one that is of a greater height than the previous one.”

If the billboard industry is successful in convincing the council of the contrary, then our quality of life may be in jeopardy, as new signs may compromise our scenic views of the Sierra.

Doug Smith
Chairman of Citizens for A Scenic Northern Nevada

Freedom’s enemy
To my fellow countrymen, this message is directed toward you. In this battle we are now engaged in, America is fighting an enemy, it is said, “that hates America for her freedom, and that attacked our freedom and way of life.”

We fight this enemy in the name of freedom, and I hear it proclaimed from all over, by the President and the people waving flags. Yet how can you wave a flag, proclaim to be free men and women, tell the world we do this for freedom, and then turn and say, “But we wish to be safe?”

How can you be safe and free when you ask the government to provide you with such safety? To do this, you must relinquish your liberties in exchange for some illusion of safety. My dear America, you have still failed to awaken from the deep sleep that you are in. Even with these attacks, you still sleep, while the real threat to our country keeps attacking us. The enemy has always been within.

Patriotism isn’t about supporting the government; it is about standing behind the country and the ideals that make this country great. The freedom we have (or had) was what made this country great. Yet people support a government that takes away our liberties with the consent of the people, because the people fail to rise up and open their eyes to the real threat. It isn’t the terrorist on the other side of the ocean; it is the terrorist upon our soil, the one who says he will protect you if you give him your soul and your freedom. Yes, I dare to call this government of ours a “terrorist.”

Honor those who passed on in the belief that they were fighting for the freedom of their posterity, by standing against the government that denies you your freedom. Stop giving your freedom away.

Nick Aguilera