Letters for August 7, 2008

Let’s move safely
Re “The Bike Issue” (The whole damned issue, July 31):

Loved “The Bike Issue"—my dad is in town from SoCal, and he is an avid cyclist and was so excited about this issue. I was particularly pleased to see the article about the Kings Beach highway. Thank you for making the public aware of this issue. It is true that the TRPA sided with cars over pedestrian and cyclist safety, and I’m so happy they will be reconsidering the vote that went wrong last month. With all due respect, Mr. Galloway, please know that the three-lane hybrid plan is the most environmentally friendly alternative as well as the safest, and it has been backed by all other public and private entities as well as a majority of Kings Beach residents up to this point. I hope the TRPA will do the right thing this time around. Having four lanes may move cars through town a little faster, but it encourages lane changes and speeding, which are safety concerns. The view as you drive through Kings Beach is magical—I encourage you to slow down, smell the roses, and take in the view so that residents and visitors may cross safely … just as they do in all other communities around the lake.

Dana Ash
Kings Beach

A big rip-off
Re “The Great TV Swindle” and “Keep that TV” (Feature story and News, July 10):

I am one of the 60,000 freeloaders that the letter from the TV stations implied are out there (RN&R, July 24). I always thought that commercial TV was financed by … commercials! This is why the advertisers spend big bucks on the Super Bowl and other events. This is why informationals are increasing. This is how programs come and go.

Several years ago, a friend of mine who is an electronic hobbyist said that he believed HDTV to be a big rip off because a few years down the line there would be Super HDTV, then Ultra HDTV, etc. I don’t know, but he usually knows what he is talking about in the area of technology. A recent issue of RN&R (Upfront, July 17) stated that the government certificate program to aid in purchasing converters is running out of money. As usual it is the people who are getting screwed.

Personally I am wondering if the 6 O’Clock News, Jeopardy, and Dancing with the Stars are worth the bother for me to convert.

John Daniels

Everything’s a metaphor
Re “Short Shots” (Feature story, July 24):

I have to admit, I’m a little slow at communicating through a computer. Not that I was quick to handwriting. Maybe after a glass of wine or two things would pour out and actually make sense, and whether it happened on purpose or not sometimes I could be funny. So when I read the 95 words or less fiction pieces I had to agree there was a very dark undertone to most of the pieces. Since the competition is over, and the pressure off to produce a great literary achievement, I’ve decided to unscramble the notes I wrote while I was reading RN&R.

What is fiction? Real Fiction? Is it such a bizarre tale one tells another to create a reaction of shock and dismay? Or a cluster of verbation to make someone think they are merely being entertained? Using your own experiences that often can’t be explained in words alone but must be seen with facial and hand gestures. These actions so very slight and often unintentional wrap ahold of the listener so strongly that they themselves are engulfed in the fiction and then incorporating it into their own lives and saying, “Yeah, I’ve been there” and buying it as their own.

Martin Skender
via email

Oh the humanity
Re “Conservatives make their own luck” (Know You’re Right, July 24):

I have read Amanda Williams’ latest column, and I find her arrogance to be insufferable! She prides herself on working her way through college. Good for her. I’m willing to bet she was able to make a good impression at the interview that landed her her job by having showered recently, wearing clean clothes, and being well-rested from a night indoors in a real bed. I’m also confident that the grades that got her admitted to prestigious Georgetown University in the first place were not earned while studying by flashlight in a box under a bridge.

Conservatives take such an enormous amount of their own good fortune for granted and then turn around and try to blame those who don’t have it for their failure to cope as well they do. Amanda Williams should get a clue and learn some humanity!

James Winn

In “Rockin’ Rickshaw” (Arts & Culture, July 31) local bicycle rickshaw driver Kyle Dale Spector’s name was misspelled “Kyle Dale Specter.” In addition, photographer Victoria Weiser’s name was misspelled “Victoria Weisman.” We apologize for the errors and have corrected them on our website.