Letters for August 30, 2012

Leave the piece home

We vote with our dollars. I’m addressing the laws governing firearms in public. Businesses not posting a “No Firearms Allowed” sign will no longer be frequented. I want to apologize to their employees whose safety does not warrant a sign. Shopping for lettuce and avocados, I should not have armed idiots in the store besides me. For contemplation: An officer cannot stop just because a person is armed. Who’s packing will now become a reality. Thanks, politicians, makes one proud to have served.

Dan Beeler

Under the gun

I have nothing against gun ownership, but I do have a problem with guns owned by idiots. It has been more than two weeks since some bonehead shot himself in the ass at the Sparks movie theater. I have contacted the Reno Gazette-Journal on two occasions and Ben Briscoe at News 4 once, requesting that they do a follow up on this story and identify the jerk responsible for this crime. I wanted to know if he would be charged with reckless endangerment or, at the very least, discharging a firearm in a public place. Also, would his conceal carry permit be revoked as it is clear he learned nothing about safe gun handling in the required course? The public has a right to know who this person is. How else can they defend themselves against him, if not by shooting back next time, then at least by avoiding him? I know that local government agencies would never be complicit in any sort of cover-up, but this information has been withheld long enough. Certainly by now, the Sparks PD and the Washoe DA have had sufficient time to investigate and move forward. Please, RN&R, give the public the information it has every right to know.

Dave Jasper

Editor’s note: On Monday, Doug Thornley, the prosecutor at the Sparks City Attorney’s office who is handling the case, said a complaint against Fernando Santana Eagleheart has been filed with Sparks Municipal Court, but as far as he knew, it had not been served, and no court date has yet been set.

Symbol of faith

Re “Mitt and Joseph” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Aug. 23):

You left out the best part … the magic panties! For those who don’t know, the faithful wear magic underwear that they honest-to-God believe protect them from harm. Mitt Romney makes no bones about it, he wears them, and he honestly believes they have mystical properties. Being the POTUS requires a firmer grasp on reality, in my humble opinion.

John Whaley
Carson City

Covered up

Re “Mitt and Joseph” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Aug. 23):

I was also wondering what Mitt Romney could be hiding and came to some, maybe false, conclusions.

Romney has accountants to do his taxes. If he did something illegal like under-paying or improper deductions, someone would have dropped a dime on him by now. So it is nothing illegal. Besides, some busybody at the IRS, seeing the uproar over the income tax issue, would have taken a look and Romney wouldn’t have taken that chance. Beside, Romney was vetted by McCain back in 2008. Did the McCain group take a close look at the paperwork and decide to go with Palin?

Romney could also be concerned about his tax rate. It doesn’t matter if he paid 20 percent, 10 percent or 5 percent. He can point out how he was able to take advantage of the tax laws and so could everyone else in the country. Romney could be waiting for the right time to release the tax documents, as Obama did with his birth certificate. Obama waited until all the birthers running to become the GOP nominee made fools of themselves before releasing the long form.

So far the only prominent Democrat to publicly ask has been Harry Reid. Is he waiting for more Democrats to speak out? Unlikely since waiting is only raising more questions and suspicions among Republicans and Democrats. What could make Romney risk losing the presidency by withholding his tax records? The most important things in his life are his family and his church. Since his family already knows then it might be the church. They don’t know. Or at least I think they don’t know. Unless the church requires everyone to send in a copy of their tax returns when they submit their tithe the church accepts the amount of the tithe on faith to be correct. One reason Romney has given for not release tax records is because he is distressed about letting outsiders know how much he is giving to his church. Why is he so concerned about his tithe? Romney has said he paid his 10 percent plus more through his family charity. Some know-it-all have estimated Romney’s net worth in excess of $400 million. Many have said $250 million. That’s a wide margin. Does the refusal of releasing tax returns have anything to do the church?

Dewey Quong


One master: money

Re “Mitt and Joseph” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Aug. 23):

Just in case it hasn't occurred to you, one of the reasons Romney won't release his taxes is that it would show he has cheated the Mormon church out of their 10 percent and then he would no longer be a “member in good standing.” … This so-called “invisible hand of wealth” amounts to nothing more than a system based on greed, and Paul Ryan, especially Ryan, can quote you chapter and verse from Ayn Rand, who is their real god, the god of a totally unregulated, allegedly free-market capitalism. So it doesn't make a difference what church they go to on Sunday, Saturday or Friday. Unbelievable.

Jon Obester

Obama’s secret past

Re “Mitt and Joseph” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Aug. 23):

I’m so confused. Mitt Romney’s religion is an issue, but Barack Obama’s is not? Romney’s background is an issue, but Obama spends millions hiding his school records, and that is not an issue. Where’s the unbiased press? Does it even exist anymore?

Jeff Matheson

Hidden meaning

Re “Mitt and Joseph” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Aug. 23):

I too have a pretty open mind when it comes to religion. However in a place long, long ago and far, far away, I had regular contact with this “cult” on a regular basis in my job. To better understand how they thought and behaved, I read “The Book,” you know, the one that is not the King James version of Christianity. This was a far cry from what normal folks believed was a regular way of life. But each to his own. I am just a bit uneasy about a billionaire getting the highest office in this country and having to tithe 10 percent of my tax dollars to his cause when he can’t even release his tax returns for 10 years. What is he hiding?

Mason Arthur

Editor’s note: I don’t want to diminish these individuals’ rights to express themselves (or Bruce Van Dyke’s for that matter), but I want to point out two things: The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees freedom of religion, but all religions require faith in incredible things. And a clause in Article IV, paragraph 3, of the Constitution declares “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

It’s the pits

Re “Lovely Lake Pit” (Feature story, Aug. 16):

Very much enjoyed Dennis Myers’ article on pit lakes. However, as residents at the only local pit lake, formerly Helm’s pit and now the Sparks Marina, we would have enjoyed mention!

Richard and Karen Washburn