Letters for August 22, 2019

More Epstein

Supposedly Epstein hanged himself (in a locked down prison where they take your shoelaces and no bed sheets!!!). The autopsy is not ready for release. [The autopsy of financier Jeffrey Epstein was released Aug. 14. The report said Epstein's neck had been broken in several places, a finding consistent with hanging or strangling.]

In the meantime - in a day orr so when cries for release of the autopsy are increasing): There will be another eeeugggge crisis swamping all news coverage. Like the Mueller report the Epstein autopsy will be forgotten. Blamed on the jail flunkies. Justice!

Elizabeth Curry

Careson City

Where are the records?

Re “Hard as rork” (Art & Culture, July 18):

There were many buildings the Stewart Indians worked on in the surroun areas:

The Thunderbird Lodge in Incline Village, built by George Whitell in 1939. Architect -DeLongchamp.

Who was the architect for many many buildings in Reno? I am sure if he used the Indians in one of his buildings he did for many of them.

Cabin in the Sky in Gold Hill. All the rock work was done by Randall Wungnema. Visit this website: https://bit.ly/2MrzJLK. You can see all the buildings the Indians worked on in Reno, Carson City, etc.

Jerilyn Gann


Still watching

I tell ya, paid streaming video entertainment is gettin' a bit out o' hand.

Looking for anything that doesn't involve shootouts, murder, graphic bloodiness, revenge, head shots (always dead center…), robbery or kidnapping. No wonder we are a violent civilization.

Craig Berland


Those electors

So, the founders perceived that there might come a time, long ago, when the conclusion of the majority of voters isn't what's best for the republic and must be corrected, concerning a presidential election. And the validity of said conclusion must be judged and possibly overturned by small, special groups of “electors” from each state. Here's what we must ask: “Was the general public adequately informed?”

In today's world, are these electors more adequately informed? No. Or do they claim under assumed pretense to take more into consideration? Do they rise above some unruly persuasions that the general public is more susceptible to? This is what they insinuate when they stand up and say that they know better. If another group overruled The electors it would be just as valid. In 2000, when Al Gore won by popular vote, these electors took away his victory and gave it to George Bush (43). Some people took that as a wise choice made by our government. I was not among them. If Al Gore took office then, would things have been any better today? Would 9/11 have happened? How would Gore have responded when the economy began to falter? These electors just aren't now rooted enough and legitimacy to support more of their appointed ultimate authority.

“Obama's greatest enemy while he was in office was the Republican Party,” a friend once said. He had so many good ideas in the beginning, but they stepped on too many toes of the current established order (an order that works well with in our outdated health care system and drug pricing, which has provoked ridicule on so many sides. The true democratic solution is, …) Obama worked on the economy for eight years to have Hillary take over. But then Donald Trump, the New York City hustler, moved in, got on the good side of the electors and took the popular vote Victory from Hillary Clinton.

An unacceptably erratic president is riding on the highway van economy that Obama put together. The electoral system is not an anchor to our democracy. It is a product of the special interest scam. In a democracy, popular vote rules and should. This is the information age. Whose information is best? The peoples. After elections is not the time to express perverse opinion.

Steve Smythe