Letters for August 22, 2013

Frack-free Nevada

Re “Heating up” (Green, July 4):

Hydraulic fracking is an urgent issue. Nevada needs a moratorium in order to allow science time to study the potential risks of hydraulic fracturing before issues surface. If Nevada fails to allow time for research, the side-effect costs associated with fracking to our health, air, water, and food supply could far exceed any projected revenue. We already face water shortage issues. Let’s make sure that the water we do have available remains safe for consumption. Nevada also faces issues of nuclear disturbances as we violently shake and frack our crust. Fracking poses health and safety issues that must be addressed before any fracking is permitted in Nevada.


Jean Perry-Jones

Las Vegas

Dear Johns

With the arrest of 11 women for prostitution during Hot August Nights, our local KOLO TV News showed mug shots of a few of the women. But where are the photos of the men who solicit these women? This absence of mug shots and arrests of the “John” is a regular occurrence in Reno. Prostitution is a consumer-based crime. Without the demand, there would be no crime. The men and a few women who pimp these girls, using coercion and fear to get them on the street and keeping their money should be the number one priority. But I have only seen one announcement in the past year on the news, and it was because it was his wife and the mother of his toddler. Is this some modern version of the Scarlet Letter, where the woman is humiliated publicly, but not the man?

Lana Melendez


Rash road

I think the Regional Transportation Commission should give more thought to where the Southeast Connector will be built, or if it should be built at all. In my opinion, the route that is now planned; through one of the most serene areas in Reno, will only destroy the way of life for residents and wildlife alike; as well as the environment, which RTC doesn’t seem concerned about. Where will all the water go when we get the next flood? In the past, much of the water filled the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course, where the SEC will be built. It boggles my mind that approximately 15 years ago that SEC was a dead deal and now it’s a done deal. How did that happen? Since parts of McCarran have been improved, the flow of traffic is much better in those areas. Therefore, I ask, why even build the SEC? I think Reno needs more open spaces than new roads. RTC should improve upon existing roads before building new roads!

Carol Brodick


Litigious lawyers

I was in Reno for Hot August Nights and visited a highly recommended restaurant, The Squeeze In, which I would also recommend, and picked up a copy of your paper.

There was a letter by Al Engleman from Fallon with whom I would totally agree: Lawyers shouldn’t be members of any legislature, at all. They are trained to debate and argue, but they rarely reach a resolution. If you think I am wrong, just look at the mess we have in Washington. Every time something goes a little askew, they have a subcommittee for this or that, but you normally don’t hear about a solution, just a lot of talk. And I think as a whole, they are a contentious bunch.

As the old saying goes, the only thing they can agree upon is to disagree.

Mike Anderson

Salt Lake City

Best sour grapes

Re “Win some” (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 15):

That letter about Opa being better than Niko’s Greek Kitchen was just put to my attention. Niko’s Greek Kitchen has won the No. 1 title four years in a row from your loyal readers. Marika Dimitriadis, who wrote that letter, is the daughter of Opa owner, Steve Dimitriadis. I don’t think that is fair or has class at all. The only correct thing she said was people should try it.

Jacqui Theologitis


Rest of the best

Re “Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada” (Feature story, Aug. 8):

I have been running seafood and meat counters in Reno for the past 14 years and have always wondered why there isn’t a Best Of category for seafood counter/shop and a best butcher shop/counter category here. We have best tequila selection but not best fresh fish or fresh meats?

Fionn Samuels


Editor’s note: We used to have categories for those, but after Blue Bounty and Butcher Boy closed, we didn’t really get much participation in those categories. Basically, every year, we drop off the least-voted-in categories. However, I have a place where I keep lists of suggested categories, so anyone who has an idea should send it to me with the words Best of Northern Nevada in the subject line. As for Best Fresh Meat or Best Fresh Fish, I expect we’ll be able to get those back in next year.

Where’s a cop?

I am deeply disturbed in the failure of 911 to send officers not once, but twice when my wife and kids were hit by a DUI driver. I for one cares that the system that was supposed to protect them failed and put them at risk. I have either received a generic or no response from officials. Washoe County Sheriff Report # WC13-4584. This incident occurred three blocks away from my residence on Saturday, July 27, 2013, at approximately 11 p.m. My wife was in Sun Valley, driving westbound on Sixth St. She noticed a vehicle driving erratically northbound on Sidehill Drive. The vehicle, which my wife was only able to identify as a white four door sedan, made wide a right turn. My wife moved as far right as she could, but the vehicle sideswiped our vehicle’s driver side and sped off.

My wife immediately called 911 and stated that she was just in a hit and run accident. The only question that the 911 operator asked was, “Are you injured?” And when my wife stated, “I don’t think so,” the 911 operator told her to file a report online. My wife was never asked if the vehicle was disabled, was she safe or did she need other assistance. When my wife asked about pictures and the evidence on scene at the accident and she was told that that “was a matter for the insurance company.” A mother alone with her 7 and 8 year old children at 11 p.m. at night in an unsafe situation called 911 expecting help and was told no officers would respond.

Now my family has been traumatized, my vehicle is damaged with no recourse and the suspects are still at large in my neighborhood. … This is not only incomprehensible, this is completely unacceptable.

William Guerrero

Sun Valley

Editor’s note: This letter is severely abridged, but speaks to concerns that have been raised by our readers many times.

Clarification and Correction

Re “Fear of Fire” (Feature story, Aug. 1):

Clarification: In the story, “Fear of Fire,” we’d like to clarify that Eric Smith did not apply for a fire permit in his official capacity as a state official.

Correction: In the story, “Fear of Fire,” we stated that Eric Smith had over 24 years in the fire industry.” That is incorrect and should have read “more than 24 years in the LP-Gas industry.” We apologize for our error and for any confusion our error may have caused. The web version of the story has been corrected to reflect this information.