Letters for August 16, 2018

Best of letters

Re “Best of Northern Nevada” (cover story, Aug. 10):

Thanks for giving Laika Press an editors’ choice award for “Best art class"! That means so much! I did want to clarify something, however. I have been credited as leading the group and heading up founding the press multiple times in the RN&R, but I have no more participation than anyone else.

The group is made up of Hannah Huntley, Elijah Lyons, Ray Mueller, Fiona McElhany, Ally Messer, Summer Orr, Erin Carter, Erin Wohletz (who just moved away for her MFA), and myself. I’ve been credited as the lead member multiple times in articles about Laika Press, and would like to clearly state that my role in Laika Press is no more than anyone else’s. Please don’t credit me more than anyone else. It’s becoming difficult to explain to everyone.

Thanks again for providing us with publicity!

Nathaniel Benjamin


Re “Best of Northern Nevada” (cover story, Aug. 10):

Best place to shoot? The desert.

It should have been: Best place to shoot and start a fire? The desert.

John Fisher


Anecdotes at the ready

Re “California’s prosperity scares Adam Laxalt” (Left Foot Forward, ug. 9):

California prosperity? Are you kidding? They can’t even clean up the streets of San Francisco of human excrement and used hypodermic needles. Has Ms. Leslie been to central California lately? Tents in people’s yards. Back alleys used as toilets. The countryside of orange trees and grape vines are littered with plastic bags and human waste. Food trucks routinely dump their waste products on back roads. It looks a lot like Mexico (not known for their environmental concern). It has been a long time since I have read an article so disconnected with reality.

Stephen Bloyd

Carson City

Bad day

So, you’d “Rather be Russian than Democrat,” huh? At least that would certainly explain why you are the red party.

Well, after an almost six decade case of the most rampant blue-balls, it’s finally come to this—you just handed us the obvious cure, and it’s about fargin’ time!

Hey, Retrumplicans! America. Love it or leave it! Now bye bye, you stoopid sonsabitches … and dosvedonya! (Sure hope your Russian is better than mine. LMAO!)

Say? Ya don’t think there’s any sexual overtones here, do ya? I sure hope not, but then who am I to look a gift-ass in the pee-wee? Now get packing peckerwoods! Enjoy your stay. Try the canvas toilet paper—you deserve it.

Democratically speaking,

Marc Hogue

Washoe Valley


Re “Best of Northern Nevada 2018” (cover story, Aug. 9):

After publication of our annual Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll results, several missing categories came to our attention. The following categories and winners were missing:

Best tattoo parlor: Aces Tattoo, 675 S. Virginia St., 333-0915

Best creative writer: Mikalee Byerman

Best dance instructor: Marla Richardson

Best dentist: Dr. Jason Sala

Best elementary teacher: Levi Watson

Best photographer: Jeramie Lu

Our apologies to the winners of these categories who were not included in the print edition of this year’s Best of Northern Nevada. These first place winners and the runners-up can be found online on our website at https://bit.ly/2vSVBoE.