Letters for August 16, 2007

The company line
Why do the local media outlets casually buy into the outsize numbers that Hot August Nights folks say are injected into the local economy by this aging car event?

The gullibility of Reno media never ceases to amaze, but in this 21-year-old case, why doesn’t the media do its job and research these gigantic numbers a bit?

Nicole Maddox of HAN says that the event helps the local economy to the tune of $230 million. Nonsense. Or as people say in Missouri, “Show Me.”

Let’s be very generous and say we get 10,000 outside guests in Reno who stay for five days and five nights. If each visitor spends $1,000 a day (again—a generous number) the total gross revenue for five days at $10 million a day is $50 million.

How in the world does anyone credibly arrive at $230 million, as the gross HAN total? If we multiply by three our generous estimate of how much each Reno guest spent, the gross dollar total for HAN would still only be about $150 million dollars. That’s still $80 million less than the $230 million or more we keep reading and hearing about.

How much does Reno spend on extra taxpayer-funded services to take care of this event? It has to be several million dollars. The casinos and restaurants make some extra profit, and there is extra work for the staff at hotels and casinos, and it is partially courtesy of taxpayer paid funds for services.

The whole HAN event actually might be a push—still a nice event in some ways, good publicity for Reno, but small by Las Vegas standards.

Bob Wilkie

Conservative Hillary
Did you know that conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch (Fox News) is a major contributor to Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House? He supported her last senate campaign, as well.

When you consider that her husband sold out the American people to corporate interests when he was president (NAFTA, Most Favored Nation status for China), perhaps it isn’t surprising. Is there any reason to believe that Hillary wouldn’t do the same?

And by the way, if you would like to see an example of conservative values in action, go online and read an account of Wendi Murdoch’s rise up the socio-economic ladder. It is truly inspiring.

Joe Beverly

Hooked on Hook
Re “Max Baer Jr. feuds with the NIMBYs” (Right Hook, Aug. 2):

I guess nothing stops old Lafferty from his desperate attempts to demonize liberals. Once again, he spells out an entire column containing not one shred of evidence, imagined or otherwise, blaming “liberals” for trying to block Max Baer’s casino, now out in Douglas County. If he’s going to blame some group for something, Journalism 101 says to provide proof. He even quotes people opposed to the project directly. Did he call and ask them their political persuasion? Oops, that would be like … work? Much easier just to throw some bullshit together and pass it off as journalism.

I’ll spare you any more proselytizing, but simply ask you the same question I’ve asked in the past: Is he really the best conservative columnist you guys could come up with? Really?

John Pohl

Immoral country
As we know, wars start when the people stop keeping the commandment of God. Wars start when nations stop talking. Wars start when good men do nothing; they start when a nation needs cleansing from God.

Pornography, same-sex marriage, filthy television, people doing obscene things with the opposite sex, abortions. I once saw a picture in a magazine of a bushel basket next to a doctors’ operating table. There was babies in this basket that were alive and kicking.

I honestly believe that some good old dirt farmers without too much education kneel upon their land and look into the heavens asking our God to bless the land and keep their families safe. The Spirit will guide him, he will know what to do and say.

That farmer without too much education or money is more apt to have the word of God in his heart and in his mouth and in his actions. In addition, if he stays faithful, our God will surely bless him in all things. He would be a very worthy president or congressman.

Don’t just make a feeble effort to clean up the Congress and our beautiful country. Continue on, we are watching and praying for you. There are God-fearing men among you. You are the ones that can do it.

Grant J. Price
Perry, Utah

Elections rigged
Re “Have you started watching next year’s election?” (Streetalk, July 12)

Your Streetalk question and answers intrigued me. First, how can anyone watch anything taking place next year? Aside from the poor phrasing of the question, the answers make me laugh.

Those poor souls actually believe that American elections are free and open and not controlled by the major contributors to the candidates?

Holding this corrupt mess together is the mainstream media that plays the game and lends the charade credibility. Different puppets in Congress and the White House won’t solve any problems. They are the problem.

People who think voting in any U.S. election will effect change had better lose their illusions and smell the stench emanating from Washington, D.C., and their state capitol: the stench of the death and decay of freedom and democracy.

Judith Hansel